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New Book trailer for Free scifi ebook Running (The Alien in the Mirror)

Running (The Alien in the Mirror is the FREE prequel to the Iron Series.

You can get Running (The Alien in the Mirror) FREE on Amazon: http://bit.ly/glrunning
Smashwords (DRM-Free): https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/517897
It’s also available on Google Play, iTunes, Scribd, and many other book websites.

Watch this space on Friday for a BIG announcement.

I hope you like my new video. Let me know what you think.

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15% discount for foreign shoppers?

I have just returned from a two-week holiday. I had a lovely time and I see that not only is Running selling well but that Amazon have price-matched Smashwords and made it Free, which is great, so grab your copy today:

Running (The Alien in the Mirror) Free on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/glrunning

The other news is that I am very close to finishing the cover design for Iron III: Worlds Like Dust: part 1 so get ready for the climax of Jake Nanden’s adventures!

15% off for Tourists Billboard in Mauritian shopping mall
15% off for Tourists Billboard in Mauritian shopping mall
Finally, a friend sent me this photo of a sign in a Mauritius shopping mall which beggars belief. Seems that, in that gorgeous country, local people have to pay more for goods than tourists. What blatant discrimination! What sort of way is that to treat your own citizens?

OCD Log 1

This week, first of my new OCD updates and FREE eBook Offer: Eighteen, Blue

OCD Log 1
To make it easier to find my updates on OCD, I am starting from today to name them Log 1, 2 etc. Too often, these posts might get lost among other subjects and I am aware there are many sufferers out there.
In my last OCD update, I announced my first OCD-Free day. It was really just an experiment and I didn’t expect it to work. But it seems to have worked.

OCD-Free is a strong term however. I think it would be more accurate to say that I have ‘broken the back of my OCD’ or ‘turned a corner’. The OCD is still there; every day I catch myself doing something that I call ‘OCD behaviour’. I just stop myself, say, “That is OCD behaviour. I am not going to do that,” and then ignore the impulse. Continue reading “OCD Log 1”