Lotus: Enter the Labyrinth – Satan’s Fatal Puzzle

A story of reincarnation, as a soul enters a battle of wits with Satan.

Lotus: Enter the Labyrinth – Satan’s Fatal Puzzle cover
Lotus: Enter the Labyrinth – Satan’s Fatal Puzzle cover

“I must admit, I enjoy living but if this is death, it’s not so bad.”
“No. This is not death,” Satan told me. “You will remember that too, soon.” I could see him more clearly now. He wore a long, red coat, made of a thick material, like crushed velvet. His hair, black as night, had been pulled back around his large skull, as if pulled back by a pony tail. I didn’t trust him and yet his words seemed to hold untold depths of truth.
“You must choose one of the tablets, if you want life,” he told me.
“Will I know which tablet I have taken; the bad one or good one?”
“No. And I will not tell you. That’s the deal.

“This may be [Ferran’s] most enjoyable work to date that only blossoms further on the second and third read.”

If you like David Lynch’s Lost Highway, Edgar Allan Poe or perhaps the Mahabharata, you will love this paranormal, mystery thriller which spans time from the future to the high Medieval.

Categories: Fiction, Nobility, menage, psychic, amnesia, demon, werewolf, spirit, erotic, paranormal, occult, science fiction private investigator.

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