Infinite Blue Heaven – A King and A Queen

Banned as an eBook by Amazon!

Caution: This work contains themes of an adult nature.

Infinite Blue Heaven
Infinite Blue Heaven

Sexual politics, royal intrigue, revolution, honour and military strategy; all come together in this romantic, epic thriller. Set in the Steppes of Medieval Russia, this is the romantic epic tale of warring tribes; of King Vaslav, his Princess Shakira and Lord Bulya, who is trying to take the throne. A white Russian with modern European ideas about art and warfare, King Vaslav is unprepared for the invasion, which threatens to take away his love, the Princess Shakira.

Set in 17th Century Central Asia, this battle in the desert between warring nomadic tribes plays out like a giant military game of chess, complete with feints and cunning traps for the unwary. Experience this medieval kingdom on the cusp of the industrial, modern age, but threatened from within by greed and desire.

If you love Game of Thrones or the films; Kingdom of Heaven; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Seven Samurai; Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan; The Emperor and the Assassin; or any other Medieval epics, you will love this.

The eBook was banned by Amazon after a subsidiary published the Paperback!

Buy the eBook only on PayHip (part of PayPal).

Buy the paperback on Amazon.

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