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Lazlo Ferran books | Romance, Vampire, Werewolf, Magic & Sci-fi Writing | Author of Rip-Find the Magic Key science fictionAuthor Lazlo Ferran

Lazlo Ferran, Author of Rip – Find the Magic Key science fiction

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During English author Lazlo Ferran’s extraordinary life, he has been an aeronautical engineering student, dispatch rider, graphic designer, full-time busker, guitarist and singer (recording two albums, one of Arabic music featuring the rhythms of Hossam Ramzy). He has traveled widely and had long and successful career within the science industry, but now left employment in the public sector to concentrate on writing. He has lived and worked in London since 1985 and grew up in the home counties of England.

Brought up as a Buddhist, in recent years he has moved towards an informal Christian belief and has had close contact with Islam and Hinduism. He has a deep and lasting interest in theology and philosophy. His ideas and observations form the core of his novels. Here, evil, good, luck and faith battle for control of the souls who inhabit his worlds.

He has traveled widely, living for a while in Cairo during 1982. Later, he spent some time in Central Asia having various adventures, one of which was getting married in the traditional Kyrgyz style. He has a keen interest in the Far East, Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe – the latter informing his series of books about vampires and werewolves. He keeps very busy as a self-supported writer but is a big movie buff and still pursues his other interests of history and genealogy.

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2 thoughts on “About Lazlo Ferran

  1. You liar !!!! In 1982 you were at art college with US – Rosie Applebottom, the Shaftesbury Babe and Black Jack xxx


  2. We started first year in 1983 Shaftesbury Babe 🙂


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