The Hole Inside the Earth

Only the Vampire Priests understand the Blood Moon Prophecy: “A drop of His blood fills the cup and brings the Blood Moon Dawn.”

“Lots of cool action and drew me well in.” – AHF Magazine


I once asked Omacron what time seemed like for one who had survived for so long in a tumultuous world.
“Time is meaningless,” he said.
“Then, what does have meaning?” I asked.
This, then, is the story, as recalled by me and those Rememberers, few in number, who survived the last war on Earth.  I wasn’t there at the beginning, but I am here now in the tale that continues.

The Hole Inside the Earth is a multi-genre tale, spanning from the ancient past to the far future, whose genre strands gradually converge into an epic battle to save Earth.

See further down page for the list of genres and Colour Streams (only available as eBooks, but you only need to read 2 parts plus Volume 15).

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Tantor fell in love with his half-sister, Princess Subrisa, long ago in Atlantis, but she loved Omacron. Now Tantor wants revenge.

The myths of Atlantis and the Holy Grail, as well as War and Time Travel, all get new interpretations in this epic tale of revenge and war.

This tale is not entirely linear. It can best be likened to a wheel; you can choose a spoke and travel inward to the hub (Volumes), or you can explore each spoke in turn (Colours; only available as eBooks, but you only need to read 2 parts plus Volume 15), travelling around the rim and moving gradually inward until you reach the hub.

Another way to view it is as like a tree. You might choose one branch and travel toward the trunk, or you might jump gracefully from the tip of one branch to another, exploring the canopy of the tree, gradually spiralling inward. In either case, eventually you will reach the trunk and may even perceive its roots.

It has been my experience that people’s lives are not linear. Their journey is an inward one, to eventually meet other, sometimes the most unlikely, souls in a space that transcends time and space, indeed even lives.

Consequently, you can read The Hole Inside the Earth by colour stream (red, yellow etc.) or by volume (which includes every colour in order). Indeed, even if you chose to read only one colour, you will still understand the story, although I recommend including Blue, which recaps the main elements of the other colours. The colour streams (only available as eBooks, but you only need to read 2 parts plus Volume 15) loosely correspond to the following genres:

Green – Alternative History. About 3900 BC:Two Meso-American vampire princes seek the Holy Grail to save their race in Atlantis
Yellow – Alternative History. About 3850 BC: A vampire refugee from Ischian (alien) attack wanders from the desert in Ancient Egypt
Orange – Military. 1947 AD: 1947 race to recover the Nazi anti-gravity device ‘Die Glocke’ (The Bell) at the end of WW2
Violet – Romance and Sci-fi. About 2030 AD: A couple try to negotiate a world where contaminated water makes people forget to drink
Indigo – Romance and Alternative History. About 2200 AD: A slave fights to save a Princess on post apocalyptic Earth, where books are currency and Floyd is god
Red – Sci-fi. About 5000 AD: A quantum AI and Grand Master vanish in a chess match held to avoid war, leaving a detective stumped
Blue – Sci-fi and Romance. About 7000 AD: The last human wakes up on a space ship travelling away from Earth, but where is it going?

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