Too Bright the Sun

Too Bright the Sun cover
Too Bright the Sun cover

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Seeking revenge for the death of a friend ten long years ago, Major Jake Nanden has pursued his own personal demons with an almost religious fervour through life and through battle.

He is a soldier so highly decorated that his fame reaches far beyond the desolate moon Io where he is stationed. His victories and awards of the Iron Cross in the Jupiter Wars are hollow though, for he is a man scared of his own soul.

His life seems to be a trap from which he cannot escape. His is the Replicant Company, and replicants are despised by all.
Likened to a cross between Blade Runner and Paths of Glory, you simply must read this beautifully constructed, intensely dark and powerful Science Fiction tale-with-a-twist. If you love Phillip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov, you will love this.

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Buy Too Bright the Sun on Amazon. The sequel – Unknown Place, Unknown Universe is on Amazon.

From the Author
One of the things that inspired me to write Too Bright the Sun was the concept of the Stanford Torus and concept paintings of it like this one here:

Stanford Torus Visualisation
Stanford Torus Visualisation

In the late 1960s and early 1970s NASA was asked by the US Government to explore ways of sending an ‘ark’ through space. Here is their viability report. They were terrified of the possible consequences of all-out nuclear war and wanted to assure the survival of at least some Americans, even if they had to be sent out into space. NASA enlisted the help of experts from all disciplines and came up with a rotating space station that could accommodate up to 100,000 people – the minimum number felt necessary for a healthy isolated community. They also found that a local familiar landmark of some size would help the colony to overcome the isolation of space. The answer seemed to be the Stanford Torus, a slowly spinning hollow doughnut shaped ring which would give artificial gravity and enough space to support the required number of people and landmarks such as rivers and mini Golden Gate Bridges. This is where my idea for the space station J5 came from for Too Bright the Sun.

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