The Ice Boat

The only reason anyone went out was to buy drinks in town. The tide of cans was always in on the studio floor.

The Ice Boat
The Ice Boat

With plenty of drugs, sex and rock and roll; The Ice Boat is a modern rock and roll odyssey thriller. Dave has almost got it all; with a rock star lifestyle, romance and a nice flat in London, he almost has the happiness he has worked for all his life. But his reluctance to compromise in love takes him away from London to disaster in Rio de Janeiro. Losing his identity, and his heart, to a scheming Brazilian siren, he manages to evade the corrupt music biz sharks and ends up living with three prostitutes in Amsterdam.

This book navigates the seedy underbelly of the music world like a nuclear submarine; magic mushrooms, cocaine, romantic pornography, pop culture freaks, toilet sex, public sex and laughing in the face of death all put in a glimmering appearance in this edgy, international road thriller.

Full of suspense and unresolved emotions, The Ice Boat is a real 20th Century odyssey that will have you laughing and crying. Somewhere between Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, Nick Kent’s Apathy for the Devil and Charles Bukoswski, it’s a kind of two fingers up to those who mock real creativity and innocence in the performing arts.

Buy Volume 1 on Amazon for $2.95.

Buy Volume I and II together in one book, The Ice Boat – Boxed Set, to make a great saving!

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