The Nightwalkers – A Greek Tragedy in Intervals of Fourths

He stood upon the lip of a dark ocean and looked to the end of night.

What do you do when you wish you’d never got away with murder? Shelley was the forbidden love of Paul’s childhood. Now she has turned his life upside down. She has become his lover, and he has committed a murder. How can he possibly reconcile who he was with what he has become? And why does he keep talking about the legendary golden statue of Sumerian courtesan Ah-le-tari? Paul Cane’s daughter desperately needs answers. And is it really him talking to her on the phone?

Cover of The Nightwalkers

“An ambitious work.” – Peter Preston

Note: Greek tragedy is a specific form of literature.

Categories: paranormal, thriller, suspense, crime, murder, romance, history, alternative history, Greek tragedy, racy, menage, amateur detective, witch, occult, Angel, Atlantis, Bible, Jerusalem, Mary Magdalene, disciples

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