Free! Ordo Lupus Prequel: Vampire – Find my Grave

John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, vampire, notorious womaniser and author of erotic poetry, visits Bolsover Castle to take part in an occult ritual, a journey into Hades, the Underworld, to retrieve a great lost treasure in this paranormal thriller.

Vampire - Find my Grave cover

Vampire – Find my Grave cover

Sure enough, upon the next noon, I found a door and thus the circular chamber once again, where my array of weapons lay in the rack, in the centre of the twelve-pointed star on the floor.

Wearily, I lay against the plinth for what seemed hours, but I knew I should not wait too long. Outside, the Full Moon would be passing. Picking up the halberd, essentially a long-handled axe with an extended spike on the shaft and a hook at the rear of the blade, a weapon of which I had no experience, I made my way to the door marked with the stag.

I had already guessed, of course, that each door represented a sense or faculty of the body, and that I would have to deal with each in order of increasing difficulty. I did not relish dealing with the later beasts. I had also begun to notice that my own relevant sense had felt increased in each kingdom of the Underworld that I visited. If this one were no different, I would find that my hearing would be intensified.

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