Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

orange swatch— As the battle enters its second stage, Jack discovers two new vehicles; a Panther tank in good condition and a Harley Davidson. —

“Maybe our luck’s changing Jack.”
“It needs to. You know, we were losing the light. Everything was with them. We’re the ones that have to move and if we got bogged down and ended up stuck here tonight, we’d be a goner for sure. Now we have a chance. Do you fancy loading on a Panther?”
“Panther? Why not? It’d be fun!”
“Hurry up and get that finished then!”
Somebody handed Jack a cup of black coffee. The unusual sound of a Harley Davidson motorbike’s engine bit into the steadily quietening air.
A weary Lieutenant Sweetwater stumbled in with three survivors, just as the Harley rolled up to Jack. When the rider pulled off his goggles Sweetwater grinned and embraced him:
“Baker! Thought you were dead!”
“Where d’ya get that Harley?” Jack asked. “Don’t answer. It was off Hardtail’s Sherman? Stupid question.”
“Somebody rode it up to the ridge with Thomason and Pennebaker. There’s a path near this end of the forest.”
“Good to know. Sweetwater, report.”

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Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

orange swatch— Spring, 1947. Jack goes AWOL and gets up to his old tricks. Their Sherman tank, Carla , takes a break. —

“Don’t move!” Tom whispered in German, while holding his knife blade to the girl’s throat.
“But my brother will hear us!” she hissed back, struggling to escape his grip.
Tom squeezed her neck so tightly that she couldn’t breathe properly and her voice rasped.
“You know what I want?” he murmured.
“Yes. I won’t struggle or scream, if you let me go.”
He felt her tremble, but also the sound of effort in her voice, as if she were trying to hold back an urge that he knew all women couldn’t resist. It excited him.
The day had started quietly:
“All crews to stay in bunks, and that is an order! O-ffi-cial blanket drill!” Above the moans of the four tank crews in the tent, the corporal continued under his breath, “Scuttlebutt is; the next is the last action. After that, it’s home to your sweet-hearts fellas!”
“Brindley, you ninety-day wonder,” somebody shouted. “Why the fuck didn’t you let us get an extra hour instead of waking us then? Asshole!”
“You know what that means? No battle breakfast!” shouted somebody else.
“Sheet!” Deak added. “K–rations! That means biscuits and black coffee! Hardly ambrosia for the gods of death, is it?”
When they finally staggered out of the tent in their camp near ten miles from the Czech border, Lieutenant Tom “Jack,” Mayflower-Merriweather finished shaving and waited for his crew.

Rip-Find the Magic Key: 2nd longest Western novel at 1 M+ words. Subscribe | Buy Vol 1 | Understand more

Rip: Grail of the Secret Sun

Only the Vampire Priests understand the Blood Moon Prophecy: “A drop of His blood fills the cup and brings the Blood Moon Dawn.”

“Lots of cool action and drew me well in.” – AHF Magazine.

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There is a RIP in space and time. Om and Bri are trapped. All humanity; wiped out after seven cycles of destruction, Unless Om and Bri can unite to find the source of the rip.

A curtain of rainbow light shimmers and two people see their lives shift, in this tense, epic thriller. Om and Bri gradually become aware that they have met before – in previous lives. They begin to recall a mission that started with the discovery of Iron in ancient Atlantis. A gravitational rip was triggered by the Ischians, and water became impure, causing the gradual loss of memory and the Cup, a grail to hold the Holy blood of the first tree.

The blind Seer predicts that Earth’s health will never be restored until the Cup, the Holy Grail of legend, has been restored.

It’s their last life, their last chance. Om and Bri must find their way back through the rip to Atlantis, and to the cave where the last Val-yr, vampire priests, wait.

But the Cup needs a Key.

“Tolkien like epic with a touch of sci-fi.”

7 worlds. 7 lives. 7 chances for Om and Bri to save Earth.

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Project Aurora technology

Is this Aurora (or Astra)?

Is this Aurora (or Astra)?

I have been reading The Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook and I am more convinced than ever that The Skunk Works have used technology from the Nazi secret project Die Glocke (The Bell) during WWII to power the new project Aurora spy plane.



Another view of the possible SR-91 Aurora (Astra)

Another view of the possible SR-91 Aurora (Astra)

Read more about my views on German technology in an interview I did on the Alternative History Fiction website.

The extraordinary Die Glocke is reputed to have used anti-gravity technology, though it is likely to have caused many deaths, directly, and indirectly when the SS murdered all the scientists working on the project.

If you want to read more about secret technology, pick up a copy of my new book December Radio. Or read about Die Glocke (the Nazi Bell) which used the prototype technology for Project Aurora, in my subscription novel Rip.

An alleged photograph of the inner workings of Die Glocke from Igor Witkowsk's book.

An alleged photograph of the inner workings of Die Glocke from Igor Witkowsk’s book.