Rip: Grail of the Secret Sun

Only the Vampire Priests understand the Blood Moon Prophecy: “A drop of His blood fills the cup and brings the Blood Moon Dawn.”

“Lots of cool action and drew me well in.” – AHF Magazine.

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There is a RIP in space and time. Om and Bri are trapped. All humanity; wiped out after seven cycles of destruction, Unless Om and Bri can unite to find the source of the rip.

A curtain of rainbow light shimmers and two people see their lives shift, in this tense, epic thriller. Om and Bri gradually become aware that they have met before – in previous lives. They begin to recall a mission that started with the discovery of Iron in ancient Atlantis. A gravitational rip was triggered by the Ischians, and water became impure, causing the gradual loss of memory and the Cup, a grail to hold the Holy blood of the first tree.

The blind Seer predicts that Earth’s health will never be restored until the Cup, the Holy Grail of legend, has been restored.

It’s their last life, their last chance. Om and Bri must find their way back through the rip to Atlantis, and to the cave where the last Val-yr, vampire priests, wait.

But the Cup needs a Key.

“Tolkien like epic with a touch of sci-fi.”

7 worlds. 7 lives. 7 chances for Om and Bri to save Earth.

The 7 lives of Bri (sometimes called Brina, Sabrina) and Om (sometimes called Omah, Omaya or Tom):
1. Red – A quantum AI and Grand Master vanish in a chess match, held to avoid war, leaving a detective stumped
2. Green – Two Meso-American vampire princes seek the Holy Grail to save their race. Atlantis?
3. Indigo – A slave fights to save the Princess on post apocalyptic Earth where books are currency and Floyd is god
4. Violet- Om and Bri try to negotiate a crippled world where contaminated water makes people forget to drink
5. Orange – 1947 race to recover the Nazi anti-gravity device ‘Die Glocke’ (The Bell) at the end of WW2
6. Yellow – A vampire refugee from alien attack builds an Ancient Egyptian empire
7. Blue – The last human wakes up on a space ship, travelling away from Earth, but where is he going?

Excerpt from Rip Blue
My brother had a ball. When you tried to kick it, it moved away from you. I grew tired trying to hit the thing.
“Don’t think about kicking it,” he told me. “The ball is designed to read your intentions. Think about nothing.”
It felt very satisfying when I finally got a foot on it and sent it into the back of the net.
A ‘beeping’ interrupted his memories.
So I have been asleep?
He tried to open one eye, but it felt gummed up. Screwing his face up to make tears, he eventually managed to open one, only to see a panel, which proved to be the source of the ‘beeps.’ A sign flashed, ‘Hello Omah,’ in in red letters. You’re in waking up phase. I’m administering stimulants.’
“Oh great! Thanks! I hate cryo-sleep!”
A distant hum occurred at the same time as his cryo-chamber began to incline. The glass-lidded container, little more than a box, began to raise at his head’s end and continued inclining until he lay at a forty-five-degree angle. The lid opened and straps released his arms and legs. He felt sharp stabs of pain as a needle retracted from each arm, but didn’t have the energy to say:
His legs felt distinctly wobbly, so it came as a relief to see an attractive woman approaching him in a white jumpsuit. The only problem; her skin was blue.

Excerpt from Rip Red
Omah’s head-up display on the visor of his helmet indicated to him the likelihood of criminal activity with a coloured halo around each citizen; blue for law-abiding, white for untouchables, red for Scum. He had always had a visceral tendency for violence:
His mother thought he had a look like a, “Whipped dog.”
His father told him to, “Keep his collar clean.”
The funny thing was that he had never seen a dog.
He took another look at the row of columns under the Hall on the far side of the street and suddenly couldn’t remember what he had just been thinking. Not only that, but he had the feeling something had changed irrevocably.
Shalto Denner leaned as casually as he could against the side of the brick column buttressing the City Measurers Hall under the colonnade. Shaded from the main street he lit the roll up he had stuck above his ear. He had thought about giving up many times, but it marked you out as Void scum; an emblem that could save your life in tight situations. This was one.
He recalled that his good looks had often caught him out, so he slipped on a pair of dark shades. He still looked handsome; silver hair above a craggy face, cross-hatched by age lines and azure eyes. A girlfriend, more generous than most, had described his face as like a crystalline rock face,carved into the likeness of a man.
‘Can’t keep it up long enough to satisfy a woman anymore,’ he mused.
His thoughts were interrupted by a sparkle of light in the crowd. Looking more closely he saw the distinctive black helmet of a Municipal Policeman’s helmet and slipped round the corner to hide down Subaltern Street.
Omah could see a sea of blue, flecked with white in his display, no red. This made him suspicious. From the corner of his eye he thought he saw a single flick of red vanish round the corner of the old Measurers Hall.
“Ah ha! Got you!” he muttered. The midday heat made sweat seep into his collar. He slowly shook his head once to sooth an itch. He decided to pass Subaltern Street and double back, round the block.
“Something’s going on, Sector 4, corner of Subaltern Street and Main. Falcon 2 requesting back up.”
“Roger 2. Falcon 3 right behind you, half a block, on the right.”
“Crossing to right now. Stop on the intersection and wait. I’m gonna circle round and flush him out. Suspect he’s the lookout for something. These buggers always have complex crimes in mind these days.”
“Heh! Heh! Right enough. Careful Little Om.”

Excerpt from Rip Orange
The air felt stiff with tension. Tom ordered everyone to battle stations, which meant taking their battle names. Tom, nicknamed ‘Jackknife,’ suddenly became Jack.
“I don’t like it,” Jack replied. “It’s too quiet. No horses,no cows, no cars or wagons, no birds. Pull over Lucky! Get on the radi-…”
A flash of light caught his eye, straight ahead. He ducked, slamming the hatch closed and yelling, “Incomin- … !”
The tank rocked with the impact of an armour penetrating round. Everybody’s eyes closed, expecting their life to be snuffed out. A moment later they heard a ‘clang’ some way behind Carla, an explosion to their right, and the tank stopped rocking.
“What the fuck happened!” somebody yelled.
“Turn the tank Lucky!” Jack yelled.
The crew was as well-oiled as any crew in the US Army, so Lucky responded without thinking. The tank began to pirouette to the right, Lucky reversing one set of tracks and pushing the other forward as hard as he could.
“What the hell are you doin’?” Sprouts yelled.
Carla had almost turned round completely when they heard the whistle of another incoming round. An instant later, they were rocked again, but during that instant, Lucky had stamped on the throttle pedal and the tank had lurched ahead about six feet. Something smashed into the rear, right corner of the tank and explode, sending hot shards of metal into the main compartment. None hit the men. Carla continued to roll forward
“Engine’s still running,” Sprouts hollered, sounding surprised.
“Yeah but only one track!” Lucky replied.
Jack peered through his periscope, while grabbing his microphone:
“All tanks! Get off the road! You okay red two?”
“Okay red one.”
“Then back up! We need space! And what the hell was that explosion to the right?”
“Do you wanna fire on it?” Mickey said into his mike.
“Christ no. Save your ammo. Green one? This is red one. Do you read me?”
“Incoming!” Sprouts shouted, putting on his throat mike.
“Incoming, from the hill!” red two yelled over the radio.
The third shot whistled right past Carla and went straight through the side hull of the second as it turned, hitting the 76mm rounds stored inside. The tank blew up in a burst of red, yellow and blue flashes.
“This is red one. Can we get back behind these trees anyone?”
“I’m hit. Red six! I’m … .” The sound of another explosion rent the air.
“Red one, this is red four. It’s tight, but there is space this side of the river. Looks like there’s something big on the hill to the north. Probably Tiger. Red five following us.”
“This is red three. There’s somebody in front of me.”
“It’s red four, red three, you idiot. Wait for them!”
“Christ. Okay, we’ll follow you and red two. Get that red two?”
“Yep. Got you Jack. Red three’s gone.”
“This is green one. We’re pinned down red one. What’s your plan?”
“Plan! Fuck! I’ll get back in a moment. Move it Lucky.”

Let me download free chapters and subscribe:

Let me buy Rip on Amazon now!


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