Too Bright The Sun

Okay so I am playing around here. That may be the title of new book and may not. I finished the first draft anyway. It’s looking good but who am I to tell. Wait for the first reader to tell me it’s crap.

Been messing around doing the synopsise (is that the correct plural?) for my books so I can publish as E-books on createspace and kindle. I realised that the tags within createspace and kindle don’t work that great really and then I discovered that social tagging is the next big thing. In fact I have been investigating a product (or suite of products really) called OpenCalais (Link no longer available) which is for Web 3.0 stuff. Very technical really but they have this tool here:
(Link no longer available)
which allows you to paste in text and it works out the social tags for you. It’s really pretty good although its bit freaky sometimes just how good it is. For instance I put in this text:

“He has a unique gift, but his daughter has been murdered by a Winged Serpent which only he believes in. His grandfather, a writer and occultist, is not where he should be; in his grave, and time is running out for a marriage forged in the resistance struggles of the Second World War. Can he use his gift to save his marriage and survive the mysterious events which threaten to overwhelm him?”

and one of the tags it came up with was Adam and Eve. I mean where is that from? And the freaky thing is that the book really does have a bit about Adam and Eve in a pivotal scene and this underpins everything in this paragraph.


5 thoughts on “Too Bright The Sun

  1. That certainly is interesting! I guess the winged serpent had a lot to do with tagging Adam and Eve!Also, I guess it might tend to read a bit biblical?Ps. I preferred the title 'Iron' – Too bright the sun sounds like a romance novel!


  2. yeah but in answer to your point about Adam and Eve Gary, why from Winged Serpent? Am I missing something here? The version of the Bible I read had nothing about a 'winged' serpent.


  3. Some artists have depicted the serpent in the Garden of Eden as being winged.Ps. Be careful about mentioning 'Catcher' – you'll have the CIA on your case! Lol!


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