Oh dear. I have got myself into a bit of a tight spot with the plot. My heroes are stuck at the final battle scene and have discovered a plant that can be grown to make the matrix for storing huge amounts of charge for lasers. I know sum1 who is nanotech expert and she tells me that nanotech takes huge energy cos the nanobots are grown in vacuums. So I though cool – that means growing plants could be cheaper and faster. Problem is that on Io (moon of Jupiter) there is a thin atmosphere anyway and plants need Oxygen and light and water so actually my plot falls apart. I need some kind of reason for the plants. Its not really crucial to the plot in a logical sense but it just feels right.

I am stalled on this right now: because it is the final scene I can’t really continue until I have fixed this.

If anybody comes up with a reason, let me know. Solutions on a postcard please.


4 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. What about silicon-based plants as opposed to carbon-based?Also, not all plants need oxygen and sunlight to survive – there are plants that thrive in sulphur emissions from volcanic activity deep beneath the ocean. And what about fungi etc.


  2. Well funny you should say that Gary. Io is loaded with silicates on the surface – glass, clay and the like and I had this idea that the plants which are like clover or algae would have a hard outer layer which is almost like stone. So your idea has some mileage. Also Io has lots of volcanoes.


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