Short and brief

Been thinking a bit about writing style – the fact that sometimes I am torn between short, really punchy writing like Warren Ellis and more discursive writing like Tolkien.

The thing is that I think very tight dialogue is great if the world is very familiar and so you don’t have to worry too much about the reader knowing his/her way round. It’s especially good too if the main character follows some kind of template – stereotype is too strong a word.
But since my writing is really mainly about people, my characters don’t comfortably fit into patterns so there really seems to be a limit to how often I can do that kind of brief writing.

Any thoughts anyone. You will see I have added my twitter updates to a panel on the right now.

I find it quite nice to post brief thoughts to twitter but 140 characters is a bit short to really get anything down other than soundbites on philosophical matters.


2 thoughts on “Short and brief

  1. I prefer writing dialogue myself, as you have probably come to realize with the banter between Groad and Turpane in my Dark Wizards.To this end I take time setting up the scene, but then even more time further fleshing it and the characters out with the dialogue.


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