How to Write a Good Book – Post 6. Editing

pen6At last your manuscript about Rudolph and Santa is complete and has  gone to your beta readers for one round of testing. What next?
This is where the hard work begins. Most writers don’t enjoy it, but editing is the stage that will lift your work from just a rough story to a world-class bestseller. Well, okay, we hope it will. Seriously though, without good editing, you book will not stand a chance in an increasingly competitive market.
If you can possibly afford the cost, I recommend you get another writer or professional editor to do the final edit on your work. You can always swap books for editing with other readers, if you are short of money. Why do I tell you this? A writer reads what he thought he wrote, not what he actually wrote, when he reads it back. He or she will read the same paragraph 20 times and not see the typo. It has has happened to me in a very embarrassing situation; a submission to a pubisher had an error in the first line of the query letter. Two other people close to me checked it and didn’t spot it. I read it at least 20 times and missed it. Once the tension of submission was over and I received their rejection, I saw the error and it was blindingly obvious!
But whether you are editing somebody else’s work, or your own, the editing process is the same. Do it in this order:
  1. Development editing
  2. Copy-editing
  3. Proof reading
Development editing
Development editing is looking for ways to organise and rearrange the text to tell the story better. A good example is for Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate, as mentioned in lesson 4. Structure. I took the few pages just before the climax and inserted one paragraph at the beginning of each chapter of the book in italics. I could do this because the Main Character (MC) used a tape recorder, so we don’t lose tension by revealing whether the MC lives or dies.Copy-editing
Copy-editing is basically getting the gammar right. It is done to improve the flow of ideas for the reader, clarify what you are saying and sometimes to reduce the length of text. You will probaby find that you also correct some typos, thus saving yourself work during the last stage; proof reading.
Read this sentence:
After that, the conversation went on but I left to find the dormitory
There is a lot of ambiguity here and at least 2 typos; there should be a comma before the conjunction ‘but’ and there is no full-stop (or period, if you are American). Some writers will not use a comma after a preposition of less than five or six words. This practise is becoming more common. So the comma before ‘the conversation’ could probably be removed.
But the sentence is very ambiguous. Did the person leave before the conversation, during the conversation or after. As it stands, it suggests that the person probably left before the conversation. But think hard. Is that what you intended to say? If you wanted to say that they left after the conversation, you would want to use this form:
The conversation went on, but I left to find the dormitory after that.
And if you want to say that they left during the conversation, you would write:
The conversation went on, but I left to find the dormitory.
Notice how this is also much shorter. If you want to reduce the length of text and it really doesn’t matter whether the person left before, during or after the conversation, then use this form.
Hemmingway is a great writer for economy of prose. He never uses a word when none is required. This is the typical approach of journalists, because each word would cost money to print.
Proof reading
Now you are simply looking for typos. These are not always picked up by your wordprocessing software’s spell-checker. For instance, look at this sentence:
The convection went on, but I left to find the dormitory.
If you have your auto-correct feature turned on, you are more likely to have the wrong word in a sentence. Here, ‘convection’s is not the word we want, but it is spelled correctly, so spell-checker will probably not highlight it. Beware of misplaced words!
I would recommend turning on the grammar checker in Microsoft Word. This will put a blue underline under a word, phrase or sentence that seems incorrrect, according to common grammar rules. If you see a blue underline, take a close look at the phrase. Here is a good example:
In fact I didn’t know what was wrong.
Word will underline ‘In fact,’ because that particular type of preposition is always followed by a comma. You will learn a lot about grammar by checking phrases that are underlined in blue. But don’t feel you MUST make the change. Sometimes word simply doesn’t understand the specific situation.
Here are my top tips for proof-reading:
  1. Do it twice. Once reading forward, to improve the flow, and once as in 2.
  2. Start at the end of your story and work back, reading once sentence at a time. This way, you are less likely to expect what you read and miss the typos
  3. Use a macro to check for unmatched speech marks. I doubt there is a writer on the planet who can write a book without leaving out some or putting them in the wrong place.
  4. If something feels awkward, it is. Try rewriting it in as many different ways as you can think of. Eventually you will get it right. You might even improve the story.
DRthicknessLastly, if you think editing is a waste of time, take a look at these pictures of December Radio. The copy on the left is before editing, the one on the right after. See how much the text was reduced. In my opinion, the story improved greatly as a result. The cover on the left was my visual. And as a bonus editing tip, pick your best scene and send that to your cover designer.
DRcoversThat is the end of my series of tutorials on How to Write a Good Book. I hope you have enjoyed and learned something from it. You can find all my books online. December Radio is in bookshops in the UK and USA. And there is a special deal:
Get 4 eBooks and the December Radio Paperback for $16!
If you find any errors in my books, email me!

Coming Soon! RIP – the greatest story adventure!

RIPSubscriptions will soon start for RIP – a scifi, paranormal and  alternative history adventure in the online magazine format.

There is a RIP in the fabric of time space which allows two spirits, joined by the dream of a world that might break out of a cycle of progress and destruction, to seek each other out, again and again. Omah is a man with a key, but he knows not what it will open. Bri is an empath of outstanding ability. Together they will find a way to open up the RIP and find man’s destiny.

Subscriptions will be for $0.99 for 2 chapters per month (RIP Prime), or $0.49 for one chapter per month (RIP Stream 1 or 2), of a story that will build into seven novels of up to a million words and take years to complete.

You will be able to get all chapters or choose your genres from two streams:

Stream 1: Mostly Alternative History and War thriller, with some Romance

Stream 2: Mostly Science Fiction and Romance, with some Alternative History

The first two chapters will be FREE! And you will get one month free after you subscribe and a further month’s trial subscription after that.

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Map of Atalan T’ea Llantu in the 1st and 2nd Ages

Below is a map of Atalan T’ea Llantu in 1st and 2nd Ages. You will find a map of Atalan T’ea Llantu in the 7th Age in the appendix of The Hole Inside the Earth.

Map of Atalan T'ea in 1st and 2nd Ages
Map of Atalan T’ea in the 1st and 2nd Ages

Find out more about Atalan T’ea Llantu in the Appendix of The Hole Inside the Earth

The Best Robot in Scifi? Vote!

Terminator - 800 Series
Terminator – 800 Series

Nominate your best robot in a scifi book or film with a comment (or tweet me @Lazlo_F or FB me at so I can add it. Mention the film or book too in case we haven’t heard of the robot. In 2 weeks, we will vote!

Who could forget the menace of Robert Patrick as the T1000 advanced prototype in Terminator 2 or the lovable R2D2 in Star Wars. Then there was Robby, the not quite so innocuous robot in Forbidden Planet, one of the best early scifi films.

But for me, the scariest was the Cybermen in Doctor Who. Sometimes it is the tiniest detail that makes a robot effective in a story and for me, I think the Cybermen’s tiny and inexpressive slot-mouth that seemed most strange. It had me hiding behind the sofa!

The nomination can include cyborgs and androids.

So be creative. Search your memory for a robot that impressed you. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

3CPO – Star Wars (movie)
R2D2 – Star Wars (movie)
Robby – Forbidden Planet (movie)
B9 – Lost in Space (TV)
T1000 – Terminator (movie)
800 Series – Terminator (movie)
The slice-and-dice robots with built in chainsaws in Screamers (movie)

Top Quality Science Fiction in Urdu?

Inchoate is finally published in Urdu

I am over-the-moon to announce that Inchoate, my science fiction story about a time-traveling paleontological investigator, is now available FREE and in Urdu. My deepest and sincerest thanks go out to Atiya Adil, a teacher, for undertaking this huge task and seeing it through to its conclusion. It is extremely satisfying to see this project come to fruition after such a long period of sustained effort.

I have long wanted to provide a free and representative sample of my work to people in Asia and the Middle East, of whom I seem to have many followers (I have more followers in Cairo than any other city and more followers in India than any country other than the UK and USA). I frequently see mountain-loads of downloads in these countries during my free promotions so I know the readers are there and I also know that getting online credit to buy books, let alone having the outlet to buy them, is not easy there. Now, these readers should be have both.

Below is just a short excerpt from the Urdu version. Continue reading “Top Quality Science Fiction in Urdu?”

My first book available in India and Egypt is Inchoate: (Short Stories Volume I) and it’s FREE!

Short Stories Series (all use same cover)

Egypt or any part of Africa through, I am told. I need somebody in Egypt to test this.
nb: you will have to convert the book to .mobi using a free software programme called Calibra if you want to read them using a Kindle device.
If you have problems let me know by commenting or emailing me so that I can send you a workaround.

You can always find details of availability and updates on the Catalogue page of this website.

If you live in Egypt please can you test the Kobobooks source and get back to me?

Science Fiction book – Too Bright the Sun, Caption Competition

Just a reminder: Love Blade Runner? Download the 5★ Science Fiction novel FREE NOW on Amazon until 7 May: It’s currently #845 in Amazon Free kindles and #10 in Science Fiction (see screen grab below). If you don’t have one already, make sure you download a copy!


Too Bright the Sun is now in the goodread lists: Best Military Science Fiction Books (listed #65) Can’t Wait Sci-Fi/Fantasy of 2014 (#96) and Best Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction so if you have time, please vote for it here: by clicking on the list name at bottom of page and then clicking on the ‘vote’ button beside the book title!

I am soon to release World Like Dust, the next part of the Iron Series. In this episode, the Stamford Torus space station, J5 (looking something like the illustration below) has to leave the Solar System under it’s own power as a final refuge of mankind. I think it should have a new name for this voyage so I want you to choose one. All you have to do is download a FREE copy of Too Bright the Sun, comment here AND share a Facebook post or a Twitter tweet to win the prize of a free copy of Worlds Like Dust. It will be published as two, novel length books so it is a prize worth winning! in addition, your name will be used in the published book and you will also get an acknowledgement at the beginning of the book.

Don’t forget, the main difference between the station in this image and J5 is that J5 has a half-scale replica of the Golden Gate Bridge over a half-scale river, where Jake Nanden spent much of his youth.

I look forward to hearing your ideas! Good luck!

Caption competition - name this station
Name this space station

Science Fiction eBook – Too Bright the Sun – is FREE this weekend!

Love Blade Runner? Download the 5★ Science Fiction novel FREE on Amazon from Saturday 3 May until Wednesday 7 May: If you don’t have one already, make sure you download a copy!

Too Bright the Sun is now in the goodread lists: Can’t Wait Sci-Fi/Fantasy of 2014 and Best Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction so if you have time, please vote for it here: by clicking on the list name at bottom of page and then clicking on the ‘vote’ button beside the book title!

BookCoverPreviewToo Bright the Sun: “Engaging” “Thought provoking” “A good sci-fi battle romp” “The writing style is unusual”
This book has been compared with the work of Phillip K Dick, who wrote Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, the book that became the film Blade Runner.

You will find a link to my main page about Too Bright the Sun in the menu at the top of this blog.

Below is an excerpt from the book, below that my thoughts on writing the book and at the bottom is a link to an interview with the main character, Jake Nanden:

When the Sun was almost touching the horizon of Mars, my father said, “Now Jake! Lift up your filter.”
With difficulty, because my fingers were so small, I lifted the outer U.V. filter and gasped. The white disk of the sun almost burned a hole in my head. Its white was so intense it was almost blue and the blue became a corona as my eyes quickly looked up and away from it. The corona gradually faded into a riot of colour that filled the rest of my vision. The purples and oranges were deeper than those in a bowl of the freshest and most tangy grapes and peaches. For a moment I almost lost my balance and felt myself falling forward into a forever-sea of spectral light. We stood on the edge of time – until the Sun had completely disappeared below the horizon and then, eventually, my dad sighed and said, “Let’s go.”

The last part of the trilogy- Iron III: Worlds Like Dust will be published in summer 2014.

Why I wrote Too Bright the Sun
I have always loved sci-fi but at the time I wrote this, I was under a lot of pressure in my day job and going through a dark patch. I have long had a soft-spot for noir films so I decided to write a noir-sci-fi novel. I also love Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke and Phillip K Dick – particularly Blade Runner, all for their quirky stories but deep-rooted scientific authenticity. The result is Too Bright the Sun, which I am very proud of. Ultimately, I think it is a very beautiful story of one replicant struggle for identity and the surprising outcome.

If you love character-driven sci-fi, you will love the twist at the end.

Interview with Jake Nanden

Finally, here is the Ischian – alien – Clover Leaf laser rifle from Too Bright the Sun


If you don’t have one already, make sure you download a copy!

Will replicants inherit the Earth?

This week: OCD update and Hot off the Press: an extract from my forthcoming sci-fi novel Worlds like Dust, about replicants in a battle to save Earth.

OCD Update
I finished my course of therapy over a month ago but that is not where the treament ends. My therapist recommended a great book for me – The OCD Workbook: Your Guide to Breaking Free from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. There is a scheme in the USA and now in the UK to get copies of this from your library. It’s called Books on Prescription so go to your library and find out about the scheme, if you need the book. I can recommend it. A link to this book will be available from now on if you go to my OCD page.

I managed the first few chapters without difficulty over the last 2 weeks but when it came to ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) I hit a barrier. My belief that something bad will happen is way higher than the book accepts as practical for this exercise. Too bad they only told me that after I did the exercise. Ha! Ha! THe book recommends a limit of 70% and I am 90%.

So the book then recommended that I skip to Chapter 7 and try Imaginal Exposure. I have never heard of this but it sounded great. I always feel that I have fears I simply am unable to articulate, even to myself. In this exercise you have to write down the situation and outcome you most fear. I won’t reveal my own fears but the document does make pretty grim reading! I am not easily shocked but I was surprised by what I wrote. You then need a means of reading it back to yourself, for an hour each day. I chose to use the Windows application Narrator although I had to slow the speed down a bit to get maximum effect (I need time to visualise each event). This then needs to be repeated until the belief comes down to about 40%

So far, mine went up slightly and now has dropped to 70%. I have a long way to go. The books suggests that this should take about 2 weeks but I guess there is no limit. It’s hard to imagine I will drop to 70% in 2 weeks, but I hope so. At the moment I am finding it really tough. This exercise is, without doubt, the hardest thing I have tried, during my battle to kick OCD. It is putting a strain on my relationship. But I must continue. I hope I will have good news in a few weeks.

Hot off the Press
What is it like to be a replicant? Will replicants inherit the Earth? These questions I explore in my forthcoming Science Fiction novel Worlds like Dust. For any that have followed the Iron Series you will remember that in Iron I: Too Bright the Sun, Jake Nanden started out feeling persecuted and isolated as an alien. All that changed. Now the story continues. The story has expanded somewhat, from my original draft, so Worlds like Dust will be published in two volumes. Below is an excerpt from near the end, where I am in my last but one edit. This is so hot off the press, I revised it between writing the last sentence of the blog and posting it!

Exiting onto Deck 41, we encountered three Ischians guarding the approach to the recycler section. However, their backs were turned to us. I drew my knife silently from its cloth pouch and stealthily crept after the rearmost alien. The noise of battle covered my approach but even so it swung to face me just before my blade reached the jugular vein in his neck. Two of my grunts were right behind me. Grabbing my Ischian as it turned, I drove my blade as deep into his neck as I could. The Ischian’s weight and strength were enough to send me spinning with it as it continued to turn. Orange blood sprayed my face as we crashed into the wall. The alien grabbed my arms and tried to push me away. I released the blade, leaving it in his neck; an old trick I learned in my frontline service days on Io. The Ischian let go of me and grabbed for the blade which was futile. The damaged was already done. I stood up and kicked his arm as it grabbed for the blade, wrenching the blade into his neck at an angle. Something grabbed me from behind just as my victim bellowed in agony and went into convulsions.”
“Got him!” somebody shouted behind me. Suddenly the huge arms released me and I fell to my knees. I glanced behind me to see two men sitting on one dead alien and three more on the other, which was still struggling. As I watched, both aliens managed to get to their feet. Both were cocking their lasers and it looked like it would be all over for us. I searched wildly on the ground for my Ischian’s laser and found; a clover leaf carbine. I wrenched it from its position, half under the alien, cocked it and fired wildly at the aliens. Both went down with gaping holes in their chests, but not before one of my grunts was wounded in the leg.
“Never seen it done sir!” said the nearest grunt to me. “Read about it. We never thought you really could kill an Ischun this way but you showed us!”
“Alright!” I said, gasping. “Let’s keep moving. Give that man a hand!”
Things became a little hotter as we neared Dragodes position.

Do you think its inevitable that replicants will inherit the Earth? Have your say by leaving a comment.

How can I get my stories into Arabic, Urdu and other languages for my fans?

I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of translation services on the internet and the quality of those that do exist. For some time I have been gaining a disproportionately large number of fans in Egypt and India. I don’t know why this is, but that’s hardly the point. If these people are interested in me, then I want to publish something that is easy for them to read. In other words I want to publish in their languages: Urdu and Arabic.

You are probably thinking; what’s the point? If they understand English then they can read it and if not, why bother? Well, I just feel that they deserve it!

Until now I have used Google Translate – for twitter and Facebook posts. It’s okay for short posts but as everyone probably knows by now, it’s not great. If you have ever received spam from a fake Russian girl looking for a boyfriend you will know what I mean. The result is a sort of gobble-de-gook; a soup of phrases that overlap each other and mean little. I recently tried to translate a tweet into Chinese and then translate it back to see how good/bad it was. I had to make several attempts before I could get anything that retained even the basic meaning of what I was saying!

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that Arabic, for instance, comes in many flavours and the Arabic that Google Translate uses is closer to the Koranic Arabic than any modern dialect. That is what my Arabic-speaking friends tell me. It is probably the same for Urdu.

Anyway, in an experimental effort to get things moving I am going to post this blog in Arabic and Urdu and then my short story Inchoate in both languages using Google Translate. I know the result will be terrible but perhaps the result will guilt somebody out there into helping me. I can’t afford professional translators so I would like anybody to correct just one sentence. If you can do this I would be very grateful and I will give you a free copy of Vampire Beneficence – a collection of short stories and three first chapters of my best-selling books. So come on, get cracking! Just comment below with the original sentence and the translation.

Blog in Arabic
أنا أصبحت على نحو متزايد بالاحباط بسبب عدم وجود خدمات الترجمة على الإنترنت ونوعية تلك التي لا وجود لها. لبعض الوقت ولقد تم الحصول على عدد كبير جدا من المشجعين في مصر والهند. أنا لا أعرف لماذا هذا هو ، ولكن هذا لا يكاد نقطة . إذا كان هؤلاء الناس مهتمون بي، ثم أريد أن ينشر شيئا من السهل بالنسبة لهم للقراءة. وبعبارة أخرى أريد أن نشر في لغاتهم : الأردية والعربية.

ربما كنت تفكر ، ما هي الفائدة ؟ إذا كانوا يفهمون اللغة الإنجليزية ثم يمكنهم قراءتها ، وإذا لم يكن كذلك، لماذا تهتم ؟ حسنا، أنا فقط يشعرون أنهم يستحقون ذلك !

حتى الآن لقد استخدمت الترجمة من Google : في تويتر و الفيسبوك المشاركات . انه بخير للوظائف قصيرة ولكن ما دام الجميع ربما يعرف حتى الآن ، انها ليست كبيرة. إذا كنت قد تلقيت أي وقت مضى البريد المزعج من فتاة روسية وهمية تبحث عن صديقها وسوف تعرف ما أعنيه. والنتيجة هي نوع من تلتهم دو جوك ؛ حساء من العبارات التي تتداخل مع بعضها البعض و تعني الشيء الكثير . حاولت مؤخرا لترجمة تويتر إلى اللغة الصينية ومن ثم ترجمتها إلى الوراء لنرى كيف جيدة / سيئة كان عليه. كان لي لجعل عدة محاولات قبل أن أتمكن من الحصول على أي شيء حتى الاحتفاظ المعنى الأساسي لما كنت أقوله !

وتتفاقم المشكلة من حقيقة أن اللغة العربية ، على سبيل المثال ، ويأتي في كثير من النكهات و العربية أن الترجمة من Google الاستخدامات هو أقرب إلى العربية القرآنية من أي لهجة الحديث. هذا هو ما أصدقائي الناطقة بالعربية تقول لي . وربما هو نفسه بالنسبة الأوردو.

على أي حال، في محاولة تجريبية ل تحريك الأمور وانا ذاهب لنشر هذا بلوق باللغتين العربية و الأردية ثم ضعي القصة القصيرة غير المكتملة في كل من اللغات باستخدام ترجمة غوغل . وأنا أعلم فإن النتيجة ستكون رهيبة ولكن ربما كان نتيجة إرادة الذنب شخص هناك في مساعدتي . لا أستطيع تحمل المترجمين المحترفين لذلك أود أي شخص لتصحيح جملة واحدة فقط . إذا كنت تستطيع أن تفعل ذلك وسأكون ممتنا للغاية وأنا سوف أعطيك نسخة مجانية من مصاص الإحسان – مجموعة من القصص القصيرة و ثلاثة فصول الأول من كتبي الأكثر مبيعا . حتى يأتي يوم ، والحصول على تكسير ! مجرد التعليق أدناه مع الحكم الأصلي و الترجمة.

Blog in Urdu
میں نے انٹرنیٹ پر ترجمے کی خدمات کی کمی اور موجود ہیں کہ ان کے معیار کی طرف تیزی سے مایوس ہوتا جا رہا ہوں . کچھ وقت کے لئے میں نے مصر اور بھارت میں شائقین کی ایک غیر متناسب طور پر بڑی تعداد میں حاصل کر رہے ہیں . یہ ہے کیوں مجھے نہیں معلوم ، لیکن اس مشکل بات ہے . ان لوگوں نے مجھ میں دلچسپی رکھتے ہیں ، تو میں ان پڑھ کرنے کے لئے آسان ہے کہ کچھ میں شائع کرنا چاہتے . اردو اور عربی : دوسرے الفاظ میں میں نے ان زبانوں میں شائع کرنا چاہتے ہیں .

آپ شاید سوچ رہے ہیں، کیا بات ہے؟ وہ انگریزی سمجھ تو وہ اسے پڑھ کر سکتے ہیں اور اگر نہیں تو ، کیوں پریشان ؟ ٹھیک ہے ، میں نے صرف وہ اس کے مستحق لگتا ہے کہ ! ٹویٹر اور فیس بک خطوط کے لئے : اب تک میں گوگل کے ترجمہ کا استعمال کیا ہے . یہ مختصر خطوط کے لئے ٹھیک ہے لیکن ہر کسی کو شاید اب تک جانتا ہے کے طور پر ، یہ بہت اچھا نہیں ہے . کیا تم نے کبھی ایک پریمی کے لئے تلاش ایک جعلی روسی لڑکی سے سپیم موصول ہوئی ہے تو آپ میرا کیا مطلب پتہ چل جائے گا . نتیجہ ہیں gobble -DE- gook کی ایک طرح سے ہے، ایک دوسرے سے متجاوز اور تھوڑا سا مطلب ہے کہ جملے کی ایک سوپ . میں نے حال ہی میں چینی میں ایک ٹویٹ میں ترجمہ اور پھر یہ تھا کہ کس طرح اچھا / برا دیکھنے کے لئے اسے واپس کا ترجمہ کرنے کی کوشش کی . مجھے کہہ رہا تھا کی بھی بنیادی معنی کو برقرار رکھا ہے کہ کچھ حاصل کر سکتے ہیں سے پہلے کئی کوششوں کو بنانے کے لئے تھا!

مسئلہ عربی ، مثال کے طور پر ، گوگل استعمال کرتا ہے کسی بھی جدید بولی سے قرآنی عربی کے قریب ہے ترجمہ ہے کہ بہت سے ذائقوں اور عربی میں آتا ہے اس حقیقت کی طرف جارہی ہے . یہ میرا عربی بولنے والے دوست مجھے بتاو کیا ہے . یہ اردو کے لئے شاید ایک ہی ہے .

ویسے بھی ، چیزوں کو منتقل کرنے کے لئے ایک تجرباتی کوشش میں میں گوگل کے ترجمہ کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے دونوں زبانوں میں اپنے مختصر کہانی شروع کرنا تو عربی اور اردو میں اس بلاگ پوسٹ کرنے کے لئے جا رہا ہوں . میں نتیجہ خوفناک ہو جائے گا معلوم ہے لیکن شاید نتیجے میں جائے گا جرم کسی وہاں میری مدد میں . میں نے کسی کو صرف ایک کی سزا کو درست کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو میں پیشہ ور مترجمین متحمل نہیں ہو سکتا . آپ یہ کر سکتے ہیں تو میں بہت شکر گزار ہو جائے گا اور میں آپ کو ویمپائر فیض کی ایک مفت نقل دے گا – مختصر کہانیاں اور میری بہترین فروخت ہونے والی کتابوں میں سے تین سب سے پہلے ابواب کا ایک مجموعہ . تو ، چلو کریکنگ حاصل ! صرف اصل سزا اور ترجمہ کے ساتھ ذیل تبصرہ .

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