A true democracy is all I want

You have to read this if you believe in equality for all.


This incident occurred on the 29th of November, 2014 involving M, S and a friend.

I was waiting outside with a friend while my sister was inside choosing pictures.
She made a sign with her hands but I couldn’t understand her so I went inside. S asked me to call the friend because S was being told to pay for 14 pictures, when in the receipt she paid for 10 pictures and she came to collect 10 pictures.
I looked at the receipt and said to her they cannot make you pay for more pictures. If they took any extra, it would be their fault. At hearing that, the woman became hysterical.
“Why don’t you let me choose my the pictures. You have given me two pictures that are the same,” my sister said to the woman.
Are you a student from —?” the woman asked me.
I said no.

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