Cliff Roberson Documentary + Competition to Name 60s Toys!

A very brief post this week because I am so busy writing the climax to Ordo Lupus III!

Honorary Cliff Robertson Documentary

If you haven’t made your donation yet to get a documentary made about the Academy Award Winner Cliff Robertson (Peter Parker’s Uncle in Spider Man) hop on over to the Facebook page and like it: For as little as $5, you can get your name in the credits of the film!

In the meantime, here is something from Stephen Thompson, who is masterminding the project:

You know that Cliff had plenty of serious roles, but did you know that he had terrific comedic timing too? Check out this SNL commercial he did, on “The Car for Crazy People”

Competition to Name 1960s Toys and Win my eBooks!

toy 1
toy 1

If you name this toy, name four more to win any of my forthcoming eBooks!  Go here to enter.


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