At last; The Journals of Raymond Brooks, Second Edition is out!

I am excited and delighted to announce that the second edition of Amit Bobrov’s Fantasy tale The Journals of Raymond Brooks is out now and I edited it!

I first met Amit through and I took a peep at the opening pages of this, his first novel. I was immediately grabbed by the opening premise; Modern day assassin creeping up on house with two vampire survivors from the middle-ages. I had to read it!

What I experienced was an enchanting tale which guided me safely though a complex set of ideas. There were only two things which let the book down slightly, a slightly under-developed (very understandable for an Israeli writer) view of the extreme religious period of the Late Middle Ages and a poor English edit.

Fortunately I have ample experience of the former through my personal genealogical research, which took me back to 1240 France, and the number of weighty academic books I have read on the Medieval. Amit and I were able to work together to address these issues. I also did a small amount of development editing.

The result is what must be the first installment of a sweeping epic tale. I know Amit is working on the second book and a third is in the pipeline.

If you want a quick synopsis I would say the story is rich and complex with at least three protagonists and two narrative perspectives, which is why I see it as an epic. By the end of the book there is Jaunee, an elf-like vampire, her partner in crime, Ray (Raymond) and one other mysterious character in the background. This last character will be developed in the next part of the story.

Ray is an immigrant who is struggling to survive on the streets of Late Medieval England. He becomes the apprentice to a blacksmith, whose daughter Ray falls in love with. Jaunee is another survivor, a street urchin, whose own adventures eventually lead her on a course which converges with Ray’s. Neither are typical characters, both are complex.

While other non-English writers might settle for something which is ‘vaguely right’, Amit was open to suggestions and listened very closely to my opinions on how he could get his tale across in the correct period-setting. I am very impressed by Amit’s love of his art and how far he is prepared to go to bring the reader a tale which feels authentic.

If you like fantasy with a few twists, and a writer that is not afraid to mix genres, try this one.


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