Weekly Updates

Each week I am going to be posting updates on my current projects. I am also going to try to post a sneak preview of one of the projects here. Copyright and IPR these days is complex so I will only be posting very short sections and I may have to delete them when the work is published. I make no mistake for any errors or typos: these are going to be first drafts. Below you will find the first sneak preview – from Iron III, provisionally entitled Worlds Like Dust.

Don’t forget the Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate puzzle competition in the post below.

Sneak Preview of Iron III: Worlds Like Dust

If you have read Iron II: Unknown Place, Unknown Universe, you will know the character of A-schian’bakî as the Captain of the Ischian space-battleship Lu-kshîa.

Worlds Like Dust
Copyright © 2013 by Lazlo Ferran
All Rights Reserved.

Commander of the Fleet and Commander of Earth, A-schian’bakî was not in a good mood. She left the bridge and as she stepped out of the lift onto the 53rd deck, she kicked a lowly corporal in the hind-legs, sending him sprawling across the biomium floor. This was one of the privileges of rank that she had rarely exercised, but now she found the sadistic pleasure somewhat made up for the loss in battle of her favourite sexual toy.
Her angry mood made her long, black ears prick. She reached the highly dangerous Main Drive area of the deck and glared furiously at the iris-profile reader to open the doors. The thick doors whooshed open and she kicked a guard who had not prostrated himself.
“Next time I’ll kill you,” she barked.
She was entering the most highly-defended area of the ship, where the most top secret project had been initiated. All she wanted to do was go to her cabin, where an Ischian male waited patiently to satisfy her, but she had something important to do first.
Securely fixed in the centre of a large chamber, criss-crossed with cables, ducts and gangways, was the mutilated body of the ischian named Chu-anomm. From the stumps of amputated limbs, and from ducting inserted into her torso and head, ran pipes and electrical cabling. The umbilicals connected her to monitors and pumps placed in a rough rectangle around the harness. Intermittently a blue glow edged around cabinets and cables, making the air sizzle slightly. It made A-schian’bakî’s fur stand on end. She knew she was only safe inside the chamber for a maximum of three hundred and thirty beats. The technicians were all volunteers and would not survive until the end of the mission. The intense radiation from the gravitational distortion, and the constant disruption of their inner organs could not be countered by any Ischian technology yet.
A-schian’bakî felt sick. She ignored the enviro-suited technicians who fussed around the body, and spoke into empty space.
“Is the subject ready for Phase Two now?”
One of the technicians walked uncertainly towards the Commander. She turned the intercom switch on her chest-panel to ‘room’.
“She has made contact with the subject. We are ready to administer the drug-cocktail whenever you wish, Commander.”
“May I communicate with her?”
“That will not be possible, Commander. She is now within the space-time void. Her conscious mind inhabits a continuum beyond our reach …”
“Yes! I know all that blurb. Only the souls and all that …” But can you bring her back briefly?”
The Chief Technician considered this request briefly. “I would not advise that, Commander. We are at the limit of our technology as it is. We have struggled to get this far …”
“Very well. Inject the drug.”

Other News
Work is still continuing on the forthcoming promotional video for Iron III. Hopefully Ashley (who is acting the part of a soldier) will update us on progress on the Lazlo Ferran Facebook page

I might, from time to time, comment on other events – whatever interests me. This week it’s one of my two favourite sports: Formula 1. I was very disappointed in Vettel for overtaking Mark Webber, going ahead the team’s direct instructions. It shows he is not a team player and only interested in his own career. It’s very immature. I know there is an argument that true winners – world champions, have this killer instinct that simply won’t think about ethics or team-orders or anything else other than winning. But I don’t buy that. Valentino Rossi is one of the greatest sportsmen who has every lived. He has won many world championships. And it’s also true he can be ruthless and determined to the point of recklessness. Look at the amazing overtake on Casey Stoner at Laguna Seca – an overtake that simply wasn’t on the cards. He was actually off the track on one of the most difficult corners in motorsport. It was a piece of riding that was, and is way beyond the ability of any other rider. He broke the rules – yes, but the rules of probabilty and convention, not ethics. It simply wasn’t expected. The overtake on the first race with Yamaha, when he passed Sete Gibernau is another case: he barged into Gibernau on the last corner, sending the unfortunate Spaniard off. But in my opinion it was not a deliberate barge: it was simply Rossi pushing the limits and getting it slightly wrong, while being lucky enough to get away wit hit. Luck usually does make others envious. Gibernau was furious. Morally, and ethically, I think Rossi has always managed to walk the tightrope between ambition and downright nastiness.
No, Vettel doesn’t even have the subtle deviousness of Schumacher, which usually kept you guessing which side of the ethical fence he was on. Perhaps Vettel just needs to learn subtlety if he wants to be bad, and win. To me, he showed himself for what he really is: immature and selfish, with a team behind him which calls that ‘talent’ and will support him so that he can convert his faults into wins.


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