Latest project updates

So What Have I Been Doing?

You are probably wondering what the lazy lazlo geeza has been doin’. I haven’t posted for a while. There is the excuse that I have been writing furiously. As you will see below, it has been a very creative period. However, now that I am writing full-time, I will endeavor to post at least once per week. On this blog you will find information about the latest project developments, and even some sneak-previews of what is to come.

Current project updates:

Ordo Lupus Series – there are currently no plans for a Part 3

Iron Series: Part 3, now (still provionally) titled ‘Worlds Like Dust’:

I am about 1/3 through the first draft. As I will probably post here about in the near future, the focus of the plot is evolving as I evolve as a writer. I have left off it for a while while I settle on a plot line that will satisfy me, and hopefully the reader.

Erotic Psycho-Drama

This is something I have been working on, between other projects, for a couple of years now. It really defies description but I guess it owes some inspiration to Kafka, Bukowski, and bawdy medieval writers (who it may be added, had less inhibitions that we seem to in the 21st Century). It is extremely adult in nature and I am fairly sure I will only get it published on Smashwords. If Amazon doesn’t ban it immediately, I will be shocked, and disappointed. Part of the reason I have left completing it so long is because I could not have done so while I still had a full-time job with an erudite Institution. I would have risked being instantly sacked for bringing them into disrepute. It will feature most fetishes in some way or another (some would call them perversions) so expect to be challenged. This is not one to leave around for kids to read. Having said that the hardest thing for me to get right is the serious soul of the book, which owes nothing at all to sex.

WWII Action Adventure

Provisionally titled ‘Attack Hitler’s Bunker!’ I may change this because it is too much like ‘Attack on the Iron Coast’ ( a very poor WWII film) or ‘Attack! Attack! Attack!’ (Actually quite a good movie with Jack Palance)

This is complete in draft and has had one reader complete a read through. It is currently with a member of the Stirling Aircraft Society forum who is checking it for technical accuracy. I intend publishing it in the summer, if all goes well.

WWII/Sci-fi Drama

This one is only recently started and even weirder than the Erotic Psycho-Drama above. It is not very sexual in nature though – simply surreal. I haven’t a clue where it is going and I am taking inspiration, not from my own ideas but from the relationships I am in – which I have no control over. Hence I can only write it slowly and try to be faithful to a muse who is capricious as well as shy.

Busking Book – Provisionally titled King of the Buskers

I have sent off a draft of Chapter 1 to a friend to edit. He is a professional editor as well as an old friend and has offered some help. After this, I may end up sending it to a few agents. The success of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ has enouraged me to continue with this. Perhaps the public has an appetite for street life now.

That’s about it folks! As you can see, I haven’t been idle! Please keep supporting me.

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