Best Film Car Chase Vote – Results

Here are the results. Looks like a draw between Bullitt and Matrix Reloaded.

19 Bullitt
19 Matrix Unloaded
16 Mad Max II the truck at the end
10 smokey and the bandit
9 Blues Brothers
9 The Italian Job
8 Batman Begins
7 Boat Chase in Live and Let Die
7 Mad Max
7 Death Proof
6 Gone is 60 Seconds remake
6 True Lies
5 Gone is 60 Seconds original
5 Rhonin
4 The French Connection
4 Italian Job (Original)
4 Cannonball Run
5 Die Hard 4.0
3 Diamonds are Forever
3 Duel
3 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
2 Vanishing Point
2 The Transporter
1 Mission Impossible (Helicopter chasing train into tunnel)
1 Taxi (1998)

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