Unknown Place, Unknown Galaxy

If you are wondering why I have been so quiet it’s because I have started tentative work on the follow-up volume to Too Bright the Sun (which I am still waiting for a female reader to have a go at before I start the editing process).

I have tried a very different kind of opening to anything I have tried before. It’s a strange kind of hook if it is a hook at all but as they say, rules are there to be broken and a I have heard it said that not one rule in writing has not been broken at least once successfully.

Also today I saw an article on slashdot about selling kindle E-books for 99 cents and how this is the trick that earned one author over 350K dollars since 1 January. The article has some big inaccuracies though so I have commented on these and offered some thoughts of my own. I am posting under the username Kite43:


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