Too Bright the Sun

My third reader to finish the draft novel has commented that he thinks it would be nice to have a few pages of illustrations of the various vehicles, guns and devices in the book and I must say I think it’s a good idea. More value for the reader. I might have a go myself.

Anyway looking for illustrations (would need to black and white although there is space for 1 colour illustration on rear cover) of:

MCS (both versions Mark 6 and 7)
J5 (Standford Torus Space Station)
X.50 laser
X.77 short-range laser (X.77 is equivalent of an Uzi – short barrel, no stock, optional second handle). Both this and X.50 would have the Trion logo on the side
Alien ‘Clover-leaf’ laser
IM truck
SU 401 Attack Fighter

All-comers welcome

IM Alien ‘Clover-leaf Laser’ by El’Phantasmo

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