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My new romantic spy novel Screaming Angels published!

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Yulia let the rare intimacy hang in the air. It floated away on the evening’s love.

“The biggest twist was at the end – I really didn’t see that coming” – Eileen Thornton

How the Soviets stole the secret of Rolls Royce’s best jet engine and built the greatest fighter in the world.

Don, the only member of his Rolls Royce Nene team that called his boss Ed, was a working-class Yorkshireman, Edward, a graduate from Dorking. They were Surrey chalk and Yorkshire cheese, but when Don had yelled “Pass Ed!” during a company football match, Edward let the term of endearment go with a smile and they had been close ever since.
“Right! Let’s tidy away and get testing!”
The seven men tightened every bolt on the jet engine’s outer casing, checked the test stand bolts for tension once more and wiped everything clean. Edward left the test chamber through the partition door and took up station with the rest of the team, behind the control panel. Don checked the last few hose connectors and left the chamber, closing the thick door behind him, but struggled to slide in the heavy draw bolt for a moment, with his back turned. Edward couldn’t see what Don was doing.
“Don’t touch the master door lock!” Edward joked.
“I never would. There! Got it!”
Edward completed the test form, pushing his spectacles up on the bridge of his nose to focus better:

Monday 22 July, 1946
RB.41 Nene MK.3 throttle-up test. Attending: Nene team, headed by Donald Hill. Manager: Edward Torrens.

“Right. Fire her up Don!”
Edward’s affable smile belied the tension in the small control room. The cream, concrete partitions had been designed to muffle the sound of WWII piston engines, not stop exotic alloy jet turbine blades, turning three or four times as fast, from exploding. Only a few weeks previously another of Edward’s Nene engineers had been injured when a fragment penetrated the wall and ripped part of his cheek away. As Don pressed the starter button, Edward wondered why such an alchemist’s brew of wires, alloys and unearthly, screaming power amounted only to the placid sounding ‘Nene’ in the Rolls Royce executives’ minds. Everything went well until Edward yelled into Don’s ear at the top of his voice:
“Full power!”
Edward realised he had actually crossed his fingers, just before he heard a high-pitched, metallic ‘ping.’ He lunged for the red cut-off button and smashed it down with his fist.
Don and the others stared at him with blank expressions, as if trapped in a slow-motion movie clip.
“Duck!” Edward yelled, before dropping to the floor and scrambling under the bench, dragging Don with him.
The turbine’s shriek had dropped in pitch about half an octave in those few seconds, but then the air ripped apart with a giant explosion. The sound or rending metal, mixed with the sound of concrete being ripped apart and debris hitting the walls made them shut their eyes and pray.
Eventually, silence returned, followed a moment later by the blaring of alarms and the sound of rushing feet.
“I didn’t hear owt!” Don said between coughs. “Bloody good job the engine revs dropped a few thousand! Or else I don’t think any of us would be here!”
Covered in white concrete dust and debris, the others scrambled to their feet while Edward looked for his spectacles in the debris. He found the metal frames, but the round lenses were both missing.
“I heard it!” he muttered. “A fan blade breaking loose. One of the advantages of managing four test teams and attending all tests – not that Sanderson approves. You learn what to listen for! I lost my spectacles and I think some of the glass went in my eye. I can’t see!”


Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

Green swatch— Sumataniki takes cover in a woodpile and overhears an interesting conversation. —

As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, two mine guards took a break and sat on the logs. Sumataniki listened intently to their conversation, eager for any scrap of information. At first, they spoke in whispers but as the shroud of darkness grew thicker, they became bolder.
“Things will change anyway soon. Now the wolf-men have their new method of mining, they no longer need the miners, so we can use them to fight Sumataniki and his dirty rebels. And the Anakuna have promised Prince Tuma that they will bring additional soldiers from villages on the other side of the mountains.”
“With what? Their sky-whales are all broken down.”
“No. One still flies. I saw it the other day. It makes a bad noise, but it still flies.”
“Hm. I don’t understand why they have stopped blasting the rock anyway. How can anything else work better?”
“They are trying to move Atalan’Tea. They will move us to a place where they can dig more easily.”
“Don’t be stupid! You can’t move the mountains! I think you’re drunk!”
The two voices felt silent for a while. Sumataniki thought he heard the sound of liquid, swilling in a gourd. Then the last voice continued.
“I guess the mirrors on the mountains will go too?”
“No, they need them for the new method.”
“You seem to know a lot! But nobody even knows what this method is called!”
“I do. But it makes no sense to me.”
“What’s it called then?”
“A singularity.”
“What’s that then?”
“I don’t know.”
“We’re both drunk now! We better get back to work.”

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Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

Green swatch— Tuma attemps to outwit is his old lover, Llanka, but he reckons without her love for Sumataniki or the wisdom of the years since they last met. —

“You want me to spy for you?”
“I wouldn’t put it that way. We were lovers once.”
Llanka laughed sarcastically and grinned at Tuma. She had made her mind up.
“Alright. Where’s this comfortable room you talked about?”
Tuma led her toward the servant’s chamber. On the other side of a heavy door, she heard the unmistakable growl of an Anakuna, the wolf-men that had dogged the history of Peroturnaka.
“They live here now?” she asked Tuma.
“Only one.”
“The leader? The female with the gold earrings?”
“Ha! No. She died centuries ago. A distant descendant. They’re few now and they will soon die out completely. They’re stuck here. Their flying carts – they call them space ships – constantly break down. Anyway, they still help me and soon I won’t even need them. Don’t worry. You’re safe. Here we are.”
Tuma opened a door and watched as she lay upon the luxurious bed. Indeed, her silky hair, when splayed out on the blue pillow reminded him of the Princess, whom he had felt forced to kill. He bitterly rued the day, but sought to sink its memory forever in his kisses upon Llanka’s soft skin.
As he kissed her bared breasts and forced himself into her, Tuma whispered, “Puki! Puki!”
Llanka bit her tongue and stared at the ceiling.

Rip-Find the Magic Key: 2nd longest Western novel at 1 M+ words. Subscribe bit.ly/LazloFerran | Buy Vol 1 bit.ly/ripvol1 | Understand more bit.ly/inforip

Today’s News from: Rip – Find the Magic Key

red swatch— Omah and Bri sweat their moves in a nightclub and then head back to the hotel. The night is hot and they’re both drunk. —

“I’m completely drunk!” Bri said.
“Me too, nearly.”
“You can’t be nearly and completely!”
“Well, I am! I’m a very confused man!”
“Oh, stop it. All men are! I’m so hot! Hold this!”
Bri handed Omah her mobile and began to pull her blouse over her shoulders. Omah’s eyes confirmed what he had suspected; that she hadn’t been wearing a bra that evening.
“Stop!” he said. “You’ll be nude!”
“But only from the waist up! Lots of girls do it round here. Me and my friend did it when we were here. Everybody does! Come on! You too!”
Bri handed Omah her blouse and tugged at his at his t-shirt until it rucked up underneath his armpits.
“Bri! You can’t do this! We work together! Come on! I’d better get you back!”
Omah tried to cover Bri’s nakedness every time anybody passed by but she struggled to get free, giggling. She walked past the receptionist without a care in the world, by which time Omah had conceded defeat. The strong cocktails they had drunk were beginning to take effect, and he had to concentrate to make the lift take them to the correct floor.
“Here we are!” he declared. “Room 331!”

Rip-Find the Magic Key: 2nd longest Western novel at 1 M+ words. Subscribe bit.ly/LazloFerran | Buy Vol 1 bit.ly/ripvol1 | Understand more bit.ly/inforip

Today’s News from: Rip – Find the Magic Key

red swatch— Omah and Bri discuss the day’s events in his hotel room and decide that they are confused by the evidence. Omah finds it hard to resist kissing her and Bri leaves, convinced he has fallen for her at last. —

“What do we do now?” Bri asked.
“Cry? What the hell are we getting into here?” Omah replied.
“I dunno. It’s big. What does that mean? Is it useful? Or gibberish?”
“I don’t know! There are an awful lot of pieces to this puzzle! Normally I struggle to fine one! This isn’t like looking for a needle in a haystack. More like looking for haystack in a small pile of needles!”
“Well, I’m gonna need sleep. Tomorrow, we need to track down the other staff and find out what we can about how Bentwell got there. I’ll have to interview him but I doubt we’ll get much out of him. In any case, it’s gonna be a big day.”
“Okay. I better get some sleep too then.”
As Bri stood up, her hand accidentally brushed against Omah’s. The touch impelled him to accompany her to the door and when he opened, it she turned so that her face came to within inches of his own. Omah could feel the warmth of her breath and saw her lips, red with lipstick, open, revealing her white teeth. He wanted to kiss her.
“Good night Omah,” she said, breathing hard.
“Seven! Set your alarm!” he called after her.

Rip-Find the Magic Key: 2nd longest Western novel at 1 M+ words. Subscribe bit.ly/LazloFerran | Buy Vol 1 bit.ly/ripvol1 | Understand more bit.ly/inforip

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The only reason anyone went out was to buy drinks in town. The tide of cans was always in on the studio floor.

With plenty of drugs, sex and rock and roll; The Ice Boat is a modern pop-culture odyssey. But more than this, it’s a serious book that doesn’t avoid the messy subjects of identity, sex and eroticism.

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