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Vote! Which is the Best Robot in Scifi?

Terminator - 800 Series
Terminator – 800 Series

Okay, the nominations are all in so here they are! Vote now. Votes must be in by 5pm BST Monday 27th April. Take your time and choose wisely I’LL BE BACK!

3 Votes Each!

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The Best Robot in Scifi? Vote!

Terminator - 800 Series
Terminator – 800 Series

Nominate your best robot in a scifi book or film with a comment (or tweet me @Lazlo_F or FB me at facebook.com/lazloferran) so I can add it. Mention the film or book too in case we haven’t heard of the robot. In 2 weeks, we will vote!

Who could forget the menace of Robert Patrick as the T1000 advanced prototype in Terminator 2 or the lovable R2D2 in Star Wars. Then there was Robby, the not quite so innocuous robot in Forbidden Planet, one of the best early scifi films.

But for me, the scariest was the Cybermen in Doctor Who. Sometimes it is the tiniest detail that makes a robot effective in a story and for me, I think the Cybermen’s tiny and inexpressive slot-mouth that seemed most strange. It had me hiding behind the sofa!

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