Clinton wants to stop N. Korea, Trump to encourage them!

First of all, let me send out my heartfelt thoughts for the families of those lost in the Orlando, Florida bombing, and the singer killed last week. That said, America faces deep questions about weapons control, and not just the small arms variety.

With the outcome of the Briexit ‘in or out’ Referendum looking so close, that the result will probably be stalemate, eyes (especially mine) are looking to the USA for lively and meaningful debate. With Hillary’s nomination in the bag at the end of last week, Donald Trump issued a  warming that he would dish the dirt on the Clintons early this week. He should be careful. The Clintons probably are spectacularly rich, but Bill Clinton has earned more money for charity (The Clinton Foundation ) that any individual in history. Apart from calling the kettle black, can Trump say the same? Or anything like it? Any hint of corruption in his  life (and I bet there is much of it) and he will be hoisted by his own petard, as we say in the UK.

But the issue of the week is weapons. America must get its own gun-control laws in order, and quickly. Hillary has vowed to do it, if she wins. Trump just seems to be interested in making political capital  out of any and all situations. He will try to make capital out of the Florida bombing and shooting if he can, but it doesn’t stop there. He is also interested in making friends of violent regimes around the world.

In the past, he has been prominent among those accusing Hillary Clinton of failure to curb North Korea’s nuclear arms program, easy for him, because North Korea is willing to be isolated and doesn’t respond to economic sanctions as most countries would.
But back in March, he went further and declared that the USA, “cannot be the policeman of the world” and suggested that Tokyo and Seoul would move to develop their own weapons regardless, if the US continued along what he described as a path of “weakness”. Source: Independent newspaper.
He went on to say, “Would I rather have North Korea have [nuclear weapons] with Japan sitting there having them also? You may very well be better off if that’s the case,” Mr Trump said. “If Japan had that nuclear threat, I’m not sure that would be a bad thing for us.” Source: Independent newspaper.
Is Trump insane, or just very stupid?
My father served in the Korean War and it was a bitter and bloody conflict. So bitter in fact, once China showed its hand as the one holding the strings of the puppet state North Korea, that it didn’t so much conclude as end in a stand-off. Even today, US troops are based along the borders between the two enemies and only a truce and a ceasefire line exist to stop further deaths.
It’s a fragile situation and needs only a nudge to destabilise it. According to many political analysts wiser and knowledgeable about their craft than I, Trump is interested in making friends with North Korea, not only to save money (on US troops based there) but striking up a business partnership with the isolated state. This is a country that starves its own citizens to fund one of the biggest, if not the biggest, army in the world. This is a country whose citizens are desperate to escape, at almost any cost. This is a country that forces people to celebrate public events in return for a square meal that they wouldn’t otherwise get. This is a country whose only state-run news program, for those lucky enough to have a TV, spouts political propaganda on a truly monumental scale. In the past, it has openly lied about the strength of other countries (belittling America by the way) and regularly claims that North Korea is invincible and that its leader is virtually a god. This is a country itching for a chance to invade South Korea. This is a country calling Trump a ‘wise’ and ‘far-sighted Presidential candidate,’ (Source: Independent newspaper ) because he furthers their own political and military ambitions. If he can’t see that, then he is more stupid than I thought.
Now, I can’t pretend to understand fully what caused the Korean War. I certainly don’t accuse China of starting it. America is equally guilty because they were competing with France to develop their own interests in the country, which was economically devastated at the end of WWII. But I do know that North Korea’s is an inhuman and inhumane regime and cannot be allowed the opportunity to deploy nuclear weapons.
Fission v Fusion
Trump, if he wins the US Election, may also have to consider whether to allow countries like Iran and North Korea to develop fission processes. Even if these countries do not use enrichment to create bombs, fission is still a dirty business.
I do not support fission as a means of generating energy; it is inefficient, dangerous and generates waste that is toxic for tens of thousands, if not millions of years. Burying it deep inside bedrock, far away from fault lines, might be the current way of dealing with it but have a thought for our children and our children’s children. Suppose a crack develops in the bedrock. Suppose something goes wrong during the transportation or burying of the waste. Suppose corruption allows unscrupulous dealers to get hold of some of it and create dirty bombs. Just one such bomb could make New York, Los Angeles or London inhabitable for years. Did you know that in the 1950s alone, 68 US nuclear warheads went missing? One was recently recovered but the rest are still missing. Disarm nuclear powers as much as possible and decommission the nuclear power stations; that is what I say. The future is fusion. If you want to know how we can generate cheap, clean fuel, take a look at progress on the global project to build a fusion power station on the ITER website.
Donald Trump wants to remove sanctions and US Army personnel from North Korea, Hillary Clinton wants to increase sanctions.
Trump must think hard before he removes sanctions. A petard is a ‘small bomb’ and he may well be hoisted by one, if he is not careful. But it might not be so small. In a few years’ time it might be a thermo-nuclear warhead.
Who is right; Clinton or Trump? If you have an opinion on the subject, drop me a line below.
I will be writing more about the Korean War in a forthcoming novel.
If you liked this article, please share my video for December Radio, my new novel based on the possibility of America being attacked by Nazis with a nuclear bomb. Here is a video trailer:

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