The Serenity of Spring – Are Nature’s Days Numbered?

Lovely photos. Is it england Rachel?

Globe Drifting

SAM_0031Snowdrops unwilling to part with winter, entrench springtime in a bed of snow-white wintry pearls.

‘You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.’ ― Pablo Neruda

With a sigh of dismay, we shake our heads in disdain at the human civilization and disparage its deepening potential for destruction as we learn of once frosty Arctic bears perishing amidst their liquefying home, Gabon elephants tortured for their regal tusks, torched Brazilian rainforests, Cambodian natural treasures disfigured by landfill & nature turning in on itself in a revengeful rage against man with floods & tsunamis. We quarantine ourselves away from the natural world in a sphere of technology and are left to tweet of global warming, talk of drought on our touch-screen TVs and bemoan on our smartphones, the fate of our children, who will inherit nothing more than an over-blazing sun and an outdated Iphone

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