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This week: Sneak Preview, Reviews and Sales of Attack Hitler’s Bunker!

Sneak Preview

This week’s is from December Radio (aka The Farmer’s Wife). By the way the tongue-in-cheek title of the blog this week refers to the mediocre George Peppard film featuring V2 rockets; these feature in the current project December Radio.

December Radio

Copyright © 2013 by Lazlo Ferran

All Rights Reserved.

The needle scratched yet another circuit of acetate from Duke Ellington’s Cotton Tail locked groove. A ray of sun threw it’s first shadow over the boy’s buttock cheeks, muscular escapees from a pair of Levi’s. From under them a Maria had only minutes before unhooked herself, checked her purse and quietly shut the door. The click had opened one of the boy’s blue eyes. Without moving he surveyed the strewn cushions, vino stains, fag buts and ash; soirée memorials. No neighbour complained. Membership of the right-wing NSB party guaranteed this.
After snapping shut his eye to regret, Carl pulled on a t-shirt; the very latest thing, grabbed his notebook and made for his usual watering-hole. The absynth-ine crowd of poets, artists and musicians at the cafe was reduced by three Jews to four sopping intellectuals. Saddest of all was the liberal painter Dieter. The truth was that Carl couldn’t write but poet was a good disguise for a dissolute with few talents.
A ruddy-faced man with a stick who Carl knew wore a jock-strap, wriggled in the wicker chair and suggested, “Hey, Carl? Isn’t it your round?”
“Would be, if I had a sou.”
“Gave it all to Maria, I guess,” a man with blonde hair like a thicket and limbs like briars interjected.
“Ah the gorgeous Maria! I fear her lack of philosophy will make her the banker of us all!” added the first man.
Peeved and protective, Carl retorted,”And hyper-philosophy will make someone wanker of us all!”


I received my first review of Attack Hitler’s Bunker! By Ash Buttle, whose opinion I hold in great esteem. Highlights of the review include ‘A rip-roaring sky-ride’ ‘The flying sequences where this story shines, tense, exciting, dramatic…’


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