Ordo Lupus II update

It’s been a long time, I know, since the last update. To be honest, I have been heavily engrossed in writing the above manuscript. It’s taken up just about every minute of my spare time. It’s going to be worth it though. I think it’s much more taught than Ordo Lupus I and has a really meaty climax. It still has The Serpent in it but explores the werewolf thing a lot further. The title is a secret: it’s one of those titles that you think, ‘Hey, somebody must have used that before’, and then you realise that they haven’t. So I am not going to tell you in case somebody nicks it.

I also went to the Tower of London last weekend. If you haven’t ever been or haven’t been for a long time (like me) then I thoroughly recommend it. Of course I am fascinated by the 11th, 12th and 13th century anyway but it has a tremendous atmosphere. The White Tower is especially good – with rows of lovely Norman oak beams and huge fireplaces – all original. Big windows too for the day. It’s also surprisingly snug. I think William must have had a great time living there.

They have a few actors dotted about doing their stuff in period costume and I chatted to a lady doing her crocheting. I haven’t a clue what she was talking about! She said something about her husband having been murdered (well, this is the Tower of London!) but the more I tried to talk, the more convoluted her story became. Anyway it was a laugh and the tourists around me seemed quite intrigued.

Contrary to rumour, it’s not to difficult to get in: I went at about 2pm on a Saturday and I queued for about 10 mins for ticket. I didn’t queue at all to get into the Tower. I took hundreds of photos too.


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