Too Bright the Sun published

I finally published my Sci-fi Book Too Bright the Sun yesterday.

Sort of Cross of Iron meets Blade Runner. Thanks to Ash for a brilliant cover and Ash, Gary and Lorna for reading it.

Here is the blurb:

Jake Nanden is a man scared of his own soul.

It’s been over ten years since Gary Enquine sent my friend Przeltski to a certain death. Not one day has gone by without the memories of that battle prowling my mind like a waking nightmare. Many times I have woken in a cold-sweat thinking about it. I will not rest – can not rest until Gary Enquine has been brought to justice and been forced to pay for his cowardice. Ten years; its a long time but I can be patient. 2101, Feb 3. 1.

Major Jake Nanden is a soldier so well decorated that his fame reaches far beyond the desolate moon Io where he is stationed. His victories in the Jupiter Wars are hollow though, for he is a man scared of his own soul. Seeking vengeance for the death of a friend ten long years ago, he has pursued his own personal demons with an almost religious fervour through life and through battle. But deeply buried memories will turn his world upside down and reveal just how fragile life and beautiful the human spirit can be.


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