My vote – Best drunks in a film

Pts Actor
10 Walter Matthau in Earthquake
9 Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now (thanks for suggestion El’Phantasmo)
8 Cary Grant in North by North West
7 Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas
6 Olly Reed in Oliver
5 Shelley Winters in Alfie
4 the butler in Dinner for One
3 Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagons
2 Lee Marvin in Shout at the Devil
1 Peter O’Toole in Murphy’s War


2 thoughts on “My vote – Best drunks in a film

  1. 10. The Butler in 'Dinner For One'9. Robert Mitchum in 'El Dorado'8. Lee Marvin in 'Paint Your Wagon'7. Martin Sheen in 'Apocolypse Now'6. Lee Marvin in 'Cat Ballou'5. Nicolas Cage in 'Leaving Las Vegas'4. Lee Marvin in 'Shout At The Devil'3. Walter Matthau in 'Earthquake'2. Cary Grant in 'North By Northwest'1. Oliver Reed in 'Oliver' (Just being himself I guess)It seems that Lee Marvin has played quite a few drunks in his film career!I just remembered Peter Sellers in ‘The Party’


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