The Straw that Built the Camel’s Bridge

Wow! 2 Followers now. I guess that means I really should try and write something interesting.

When the Sun of true power,
Send’s forth its glow,
Take care where you tread
for the flowers below,
are the souls of friends.

I have had a couple of really bad days luck wise and its got (I reserve the right to use bad grammar including ‘got’ on my blog) me focused again on luck. The title of this post refers to the fact that sometimes, out of the direst bad luck you can bring out something goo. Its not easy though. I am not sure if I have been unlucky or maybe its a bit of evil finding its way back into my life. If its the latter then why now? And anyway I haven’t been feeling the presence that I usually feel when its around. So for the time being I think I have to put it down to very bad luck. Just little things really. Yesterday everything I did and touched went wrong. It was just continuous and I ended up knackered just trying to get through the day and I didn’t get anything done at all that I intended to do.

Just out of interest here is an edited version of my diary notes of luck/evil for the last month. What does anybody make of it. Do you have any similar experiences?


3 evil
4 evil
5 evil
6 Unlucky
7 Lucky
8 Average
9 Average
10 Average
11 Unlucky
12 V Unlucky low confidence
13 started v unlucky but ended up good
14 ok
15 Luckyish
16 Lucky
17 v lucky
18 neutral
19 Very tired but neutral luck
20 normal
21 luckyish
22 lucky until I started to go to bed
23 Lucky
24 Lucky
25 Lucky bloody tired
26 Lucky except in evening became unlucky after feeling a presence
27 ok
28 unlucky
1 unlucky
2 V Unlucky
3 ok
4 ok
5 unlucky
6 ok
7 V V unlucky (evil?)

As for writing, I am waiting for readers to finish my draft of ‘Insanity or The Vampire Snake Killers’. One reader is at the climax of the last chapter so it shouldn’t be long. Once I have one more reading after this I will do the last rewrite and then I can publish.

I have seen a couple of films lately. I saw Antichrist the other night and I actually don’t recommend it. Its very tough to watch and I didn’t get much out of it. In fact I had a restless night after.

I saw an old Brando film by accident called Sayonara a week or two ago. I thought it would be the usually trashy film of the 50s cos TCM only gives the titles and brief description without telling you who is in it. I was really bored so gave it a go and hey presto Brando! He was unbelievably cool. He just seemed like a visitor from the future. Its about US pilots in Korea and how they were forbidden from having relationships with Asian women but many did and some even married. Brando manages to get off with an Asian girl who is a dancer in a sacred temple so she is doubly forbidden. He lounges about with much soave insouciance and he is touchingly intimate with the Japanese girl. Worth a watch if you like Brando.


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