Sci-fi or not sci-fi?

Well. I do have a new idea for a story. It has been around a few weeks now and the story could be as part of a thriller or a sci-fi story. I have published both types in the past – both have their advantages, and sometimes a story just wants to be one or the other.

In this particular case, the story could be either and I may write it as a short story first just to see if there is enough on the bones to warrant a full-length novel. So the question arises, should I do it as sci-fi or not?

Personally, given the difficulties I have had writing this last one, I am attracted to doing the next one as sci-fi. I just think putting it in a separate world will give me a little distance and make it just a little bit less of an emotional roller-coaster for me. I also quite look forward to writing descriptions of strange landscapes but I also need to keep grittiness in there because the story is quite gritty. I remember that Bladerunner is pretty gritty so it should be possible to combine both elements.


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