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Hi All
I am approaching the end of the process of completing another book, and so I felt it appropriate to start a blog as a way of keeping people informed about what I am doing. That is the altruistic reason but there is another. Writing this book has been a very difficult process – writing about good and evil can never be easy if you really want to portray evil the way it is, and it has been a lonely process too. Try as I might I cannot really explain to my friends just how difficult it has been and continues to be. Perhaps writing about the process will help me here.

So where am I? Well based in London, and writing in my spare time, this will be my third completed book although I have already published the first Volume of a 2-part novel – the first I wrote (on paper). The problem here is that I still have about 50,000 words to type and I am not a keen typist so who knows when that one will be completed for publication.

The book I am finishing has the working title “Some Kind of Insanity or The Vampire Snake Killers”. It is a kind of modern Gothic novel but includes some decent history which I managed to work into it.

I have completed the first draft which was written chronologically (for my dwindling sanity) and in the last few days – post-Christmas, I have managed to shoe-horn it into a narrative structure which kind of starts near the climax and uses flash-backs to cover the rest of the story before returning to the continuation of the climax. I did consider using a Russian-doll effect (where you would get flash-backs within flash-backs) but the subject is fairly complex anyway and I thought this might confuse too much. There are also other elements which I didn’t want to detract from. Without giving too much away, each chapter has a code you can decipher if you wish and there is a nice twist near the end.

Today I am basically going to go right back to the beginning of the story and start the process of savage editing. It is currenly 96,000 words long and so a lot of it can be cut out although this is always hard to do.

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