Today’s News from: Rip – Find the Magic Key

red swatch— Omah and Bri sweat their moves in a nightclub and then head back to the hotel. The night is hot and they’re both drunk. —

“I’m completely drunk!” Bri said.
“Me too, nearly.”
“You can’t be nearly and completely!”
“Well, I am! I’m a very confused man!”
“Oh, stop it. All men are! I’m so hot! Hold this!”
Bri handed Omah her mobile and began to pull her blouse over her shoulders. Omah’s eyes confirmed what he had suspected; that she hadn’t been wearing a bra that evening.
“Stop!” he said. “You’ll be nude!”
“But only from the waist up! Lots of girls do it round here. Me and my friend did it when we were here. Everybody does! Come on! You too!”
Bri handed Omah her blouse and tugged at his at his t-shirt until it rucked up underneath his armpits.
“Bri! You can’t do this! We work together! Come on! I’d better get you back!”
Omah tried to cover Bri’s nakedness every time anybody passed by but she struggled to get free, giggling. She walked past the receptionist without a care in the world, by which time Omah had conceded defeat. The strong cocktails they had drunk were beginning to take effect, and he had to concentrate to make the lift take them to the correct floor.
“Here we are!” he declared. “Room 331!”

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