I didn’t get my free first chapter(s)! Where are they?
After paying on PayPal, you should have been taken to a link. If you don’t see this link (or get automatically redirected after 10 seconds, if you have a PayPal account) email me: telling me your PayPal name and email and I will send you the link.

When will I get my first newsletter?
The first newsletter will arrive on the next 28th day of the month.

How do I make sure I see the email?
Add to your contacts list. The easiest way to do this in Gmail is to drag the newsletter email into your ‘Primary’ tab. If you are unable to do this, right click on the small ‘down arrow,’ next to the date at top right of this email, and choose ‘Add Lazlo Ferran to Contacts list. Even then, you need to regularly check your Social and Promotions tab when the Newsletter is due

Where can I discuss or feedback about RIP?
A discussion forum is already open here:

How do I cancel my subscription?
You will find a link to unsubscribe in the email notification you receive from PayPal after each monthly payment. You can also log in to PayPal, find the payment in your list of transactions and click on this to cancel. NB: unsubscribing from the newsletter will not cancel your payments.

What if I started subscribing late and have missed chapters?
You can catch up on missed chapters by clicking on the selection you want in your monthly newsletter and paying for the missing chapters  using PayPal. These will first appear in newsletter 5 and will be added to after that.

How do I stop getting hundreds files all over the place on my device?

There are 2 ways you can do this:

  1. RIP started in March 2016. From November 2016, in each newsletter you will find links to purchase the preceding chapters of RIP. At the end of each year of your subscription, you will also be able to choose any 2 of 9 free Books worth at least $2.99 each  (4/9 if you receive RIP Prime)! This will, in effect, bind the chapters together into one file.
  2. Alternatively, you can email, attaching all the chapters you have accumulated and request a single file to replace them. Please remember not to change the original filenames.

When will RIP end?
There is no planned end date, but it will most likely end after 3-5 years. The whole idea of RIP is that feedback from readers can affect the direction of the story, so that even I don’t know where it will end up. For that reason, I welcome your contributions, either on the forum or by email.

Will you publish the story as books when it is completed?
If RIP has enough subscribers, there will be 7 volumes in both eBook format and paperback.

Will I have to pay again for the paperback or eBook if I have subscribed?
There will be a discount for subscribers.

How can I keep up with any changes to RIP subscriptions?
If you want to be the first to hear of any changes, you can subscribe to the Lazlo Newsletter:

Or you can bookmark this page and visit regularly.

You can also discuss RIP on the forum: