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My new book Worlds Like Dust – Part 2 – the climax of the Iron Series is out NOW!

Jake Nanden faces his biggest challenge yet, one that threatens to overwhelm him and eclipse his soul!

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Below is the description and below that, the cover. Watch the video and comment. The best comment wins a FREE copy of Iron IV!

The battle for Earth threatens to eclipse Jake’s soul!

The jackal-headed Ischians are here! When General Jake Nanden retired from the USAC, he could never have guessed that his greatest battle was still to come.

Since then, he has joined a spiritual cult called the Blue Path, trying to establish communication with a few peaceful Ischians.

But now his world has been torn apart; his wife and youngest son have been killed, probably his eldest too and the Los Angeles and Washington citizens sweat it out under inescapable alien domes.

His son, Stone, warned him of the invasion and he joined up with Gary Enquine to form a rudimentary resistance network.

Now, they must find a way to rise up and defeat the conquerors of Earth! Nanden must escape and unite the remaining human and clone forces, scattered across the Solar System.

But time is running out! Soon, a necklace of giant starships will encircle the Earth and enclose it within a giant, inescapable force field.

This tense, all-action sci-fi thriller never lets you pause for breath and the action could be compared with Starship Troopers or Star Wars.

But it’s not just superficial action, there is the deeper thread of Jake Nanden’s own journey as a reconstructed replicant or clone and the struggle of the last humans in a world increasingly controlled by replicants.
An intensely and beautiful Science Fiction with a twist, if you love Phillip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov or Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter, you will like this.

Categories: fiction, science fiction, alien, thriller, first contact, clones, starship, genes, invasion.

Worlds Like Dust - Part 2 cover
Worlds Like Dust – Part 2 cover

Character interview with Jake Nanden, star of the Iron Series.

Name (s): Jake Nanden

Age: 34

Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am 5’11’, dark hair, short – Army cut, slightly curly. Green eyes.

Describe your appearance in 10 words or less.
Getting middle aged, slightly paunchy with drying skin – like paper in places – except my mech arm. That’s synthetic skin on there and as smooth and supple as the day it was sprayed on. I even had mine tattooed but don’t tell anyone.

Would you kill for those you love?
I kill every day – most days – to keep my culture intact. I would say that is killing for those I love. Of course there is a moral code… And as a soldier the moral code is almost everything. After a while… killing… it sometimes seems to be the only thing you have left. Family are too far away.

Do you like animals?
I love animals. Their love is unconditional. You can never quite be sure with humans, can you?

Do you have a family?
Ha! Ha! Yes. A test-tube. No seriously my mother – Mary, my sister Justine and a dog – a collie called Frisky. My adoptive dad was the famous robotics designer Robert R. Nanden but he’s dead. My mother was his assistant and pretty accomplished at that!

Can you remember something from your childhood which influences your behaviour?
I am not sure about any of my childhood memories. They are probably all implanted. I am a replicant. The first memory I am sure about is playing on the grass with my adoptive mother watching me playing cricket.
She shouted out, “Jake! You are such a talented cyborg!”
Even at my tender age, I knew a replicant was not the same thing as a cyborg and I knew that she should know, as her first husband had been a famous robot designer. Her words had always stuck in my head.
But anyway, adoptive parents of replicant children are always told to create some vivid experience for their kid in the first few days so that the imprinting takes properly. So it’s probably not significant.

Do you have any phobias?
Mirrors. Can’t stand them. They make me sweat and… well, I’m very nervous around them. I avoid them.

Please give us an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.
I write books – well, I am writing my first; a detective thriller. It’s kind of Raymond Chandler-ish. I call it Chandleresque, but I guess that’s bad English.

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Electric car found in pyramid!

Do you remember reading those wonderful books in the 70s by authors like Erich von Daniken and the like, all about aliens visiting Earth milienia ago? How I miss the simple optimism of those books. But now, somebody has actually discovered something strange in the great pyramid:

Remember a few years ago, scientists and engineers managed to get a small wheeled-vehicle up one of those two narrow shafts that lead from the King’s Chamber (tomb) to the exterior of the pyramid in the direction of certain stars? They came up against a tiny wall and although the little robotic vehicle could peer over it, nothing could be seen in the small chamber opposite. They ran out of funding.

Well, they have funding again and last month managed to break through the wall. They found what looks like a robotic vehicle from ancient Egypt! Imagine that! It is battery powered.

You can find out more about ancient pyramids and how they might have originate in my book Unknown Place, Unknown Universe. BOOK 3 in the series, Worlds Like Dust, will be published some time in the next two months. Watch the trailer for Unknown Place, Unknown Universe below. I hope you like it, and if you do, or have anything else to say about this post, please leave a comment.

Do you like my video booktrailer for Ordo Lupus II: The Devil’s Own Dice?

The Devil’s Own Dice is mostly set in 13th Century Burgundy, France and covers the great Battle of Bouvines, which shaped Europe for the next few hundred years. I have had a look on the internet for any tours of the battle sites in the book and the best I can come up with is Battlefield Tours by Leger Holidays who have many tours to France, mostly for battles of WWII.

But they also do a tour of Burgundy so that might be worth checking out.

There was a tour of the Bouvines Battlefield to mark the 800th Anniversary, last year, but unfortunately I missed it!

Anyway, here is my video. I would like to know what you think of it so please stop long enough to comment:

Book trailer videos for Lazlo Ferran?

Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate Trailer
Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate Trailer
Yes, they are coming; book trailer videos for some of my books.

I haven’t decided which, but probably the Ordo Lupus series, Iron series and Attack Hitler’s Bunker!

I have already put together rough versions for Too Bright the Sun and Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate. The scripts are below. I am always looking for input and feedback so if you want anything changed in the scripts, please comment below. If you want to see the rough videos, you will need to have a subscription to the newsletter and have a gmail (or yahoo) account. If you have both, you should already be able to see the videos by clicking on the links below. If you don’t, then sign up for the newsletter right away!

Too Bright the Sun Book Trailer Video
Link to draft video:

Script (stage directions/effects are in italic)

Scene 1 – black background – 1/2 seconds

I could see the Ionian scream but we couldn’t hear him.

Scene 2 – Background of Jupiter fades in.

Jake Nanden is hell-bent on revenge for the death of his friend by an incompetent military commander, years ago.

Jake is a highly decorated Major in the Jupiter Wars against the Ionian Militia, former iron miners now allied with a mysterious alien force.

(Fade in laser pistol X.77)

But Jake is also a replicant, a clone; despised by all outside the military.

Scene 3

Torn between love for Jena Ω, his beautiful military psychologist, Katie, a fearless space pilot and the mission that will either give him satisfaction or death.

Beginning of soundtrack chorus. Fade in Clover Leaf rifle.

But all that changes when enemy forces get their hands on a powerful new weapon; a laser rifle, whose only maker logo is a clover leaf.

Friends will become enemies and enemies will become friends as conflicts escalate…

Ordo Lupus and the Temple Gate Book Trailer Video
Link to draft video:


Scene 1 – Black background.

On the Eiffel Tower viewing platform, Georgina had cut a hole in the safety fence with wire-cutters – big enough to climb through. She stared into the distance with a look of defiance in her face as she shouted:
“Don’t stop me!”

An ex-M.I.6 agent is walking his daughter to school when a slit in the sky opens up and something grabs her. Her mangled body is found but the death is unexplained.

Years later, the police begin to suspect him when a pattern of similar murders occur, moving towards Paris. He goes on the run to clear his name and save his marriage.

Scene 2 – Fade in picture of Georgina’s face and scroll up. Music moves to chorus.

Torn between his wife and Georgina, a French beauty, being pursued by a Catholic sect of assassins, things only become more confusing when the assassins save his life.

Scroll Georgina’s face up even more to show strange symbols.

Scene 3 – Revert to black background.

There are strange forces at work around him.

Scene 4 – Fade in picture of Serpent’s face and scroll up.

Scene 5 – Revert to black background.

If he can stay alive, he won’t rest until he has slain his daughter’s killer.

Scene 6 – change background to front cover. Show complete cover. Fade in title of book and author name. Roll reviews.

Scene 7 – Show text annotation.