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Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

indigo swatch— Omaya is woken by Tina, who wants him to try on something new! —

Omaya woke in the morning because Tina was jumping up and down on him.
“What’s … going on! What … are … you … doing! Stop!” he cried.
“The clothes! They came!”
“What clothes?” Omaya asked, when Tina had stopped jumping on him and climbed off the bed.”
“These!” Tina said, holding up a sturdy carrying case. They fell off the wagon after it left your friend’s house. Joseph made me swear not to tell you until they found it.”
“Clothes? For you?”
“No! For you! Look!”
Tina held up a white, loose fitting tunic that looked remarkably like the one Mesago had worn.
“On no! It’s not warm enough for that! What is it?”
“It’s called a toga, but really it’s more like a kaftan. My mum told …”
“Yes, I know. Your mum told you. Do I have to wear it?”
“Yes. It’s all the fashion now. Put it on!”
Omaya felt awkward in the long, flowing toga, but he tried to look relaxed when he left the farmhouse and walked into the yard. He immediately stepped into one of the many puddles in the muddy courtyard and felt the water slop against his shins. Fearing the worst, he looked down and saw mud on his nice, clean toga.

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