Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

violet swatch— Sabrina and her flatmate, Rani, see a weird advert on TV and have to take notes. —

The advert-break shocked Sabrina when it came, each commercial advert being separated by one which announced in white letters on a black background, ‘Government Health Advisory.’
A smart looking woman in one half of the screen announced:
“This is water.”
Sabrina watched a well-dressed mother on the right side of the screen pour water from a jug into a glass for her son. The family continued to pour and drink water for the rest of the advert.
“You need to drink a small cup of water every hour until two hours before you go to bed,” the woman on the left continued. “Fetch a piece of paper and a pen now. This Advisory will continue after the next commercial advert.”
Rani ran to the notepad hanging on the kitchenette wall, tore off a strip of paper and grabbed a biro from the worktop. After the next commercial advert the woman continued;
“Did you get the pen and paper? If you cannot find either, don’t worry. During the next advert break these instructions will be repeated. But you must follow them. If you have the paper and pen, write on the paper ‘Drink small cup of water every hour.’”
Rani scribbled the message in big letters.
The woman waited for thirty seconds before continuing:
“Have you done that? Good. Now put the piece of paper somewhere where you will see it all the time, or often; on the table in front of the television or kitchen sideboard will do. Remember not to remove the message at any time.”

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