Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

orange swatch— In the thick of battle, their Battalion commander is killed. Jack has to take over. —

“Blue one. Now listen to me real good. We have never got on too well, but this time I need you to excel yourself. You need to forget all the crap and do better than you ever did. If not, we’re all dead.”
“Right red one. Got it.”
“Get your ass up here. You will be leading the assault on the Panther, but I’ll need to get it all straight with you first.”
“You staying there then?”
“We ain’t goin’ anywhere. We have only one track. Okay, everyone stay on the radio and alert. The way I see this, the gun at the end of this road is the strong point, not the farmhouse, although that’s where their defensive line is. If we can force it to move, their whole defence will collapse. Only problem is, I can’t see it. It’s about 1000 yards to a turn, with trees beyond. It must be in the trees. Anyways, we’ll find out, but I’m betting it’s a Tiger.”
“Why’s that, red one?” blue one asked.
“Two reasons. First, if it’s an eighty-eight, why would any commander put a Panther in such an isolated position? It’s the best thing he’s got. On the other hand, if he’s got a Tiger, and he’s SS, he might rather risk the Panther than his own skin. It has better protection.”
“If it’s a tiger. It could be another Panther.”
“We’ll find out. Everyone stay on your radios and stay alert. Red one over.”
Jack turned the transmitter to ‘intercom:’
“Okay, listen up guys. Sprouts, see if you can fix the tracks. But before you do that, tell me what shell that was that hit red two. Okay?”
“Sure skip.”
“Lucky, you’re no use in here for now. Help Sprouts. Mickey, keep a bead on that Panther. If you see him, take a shot. Let’s hope it’s an early one. Aim at the base of the turret. That’s its only real weakness. Deak, scan all radio frequencies. See if you can pick up any German. You speak a little of the lingo, so maybe we can learn something.”

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