Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

gold swatch— Om and the Palace Guards are led across the rooftops by a grubby street urchin. —

“Mehy! There’s a rebellion. Menkhaf has barricaded himself in. We’re going across the rooftops.”
“I’ve seen his soldiers. There are too many for you!”
“Not if we stay beyond their reach.”
“But you don’t know the way!”
“And I suppose you regularly go across these roof tops?”
“No. But I know somebody who has.”
“Oh really? Remind me to lock him up after this is over!”
“Okay. But can he help?”
Om let out a long sigh, and replied, “Oh alright. But it has to be in the next few minutes. Where is he?”
“Come here Fish!”
A grubby face emerged from the shadow of a building. It reminded Om of somebody.
“Lead us across the roofs to Menkhaf’s house!” Om whispered.
The grubby face looked at Mehy, who nodded. The boy led them in single file down Palace Street, to the end of the row of houses set against the wall. Keeping to the shadows, they passed so silently that even the citizens in cots only a few cubits away didn’t hear them. The boy rounded the last corner and pointed to a vine. He began to climb. Mehy came up behind, followed by Om and Anen, who, because of his size, needed considerable pushes from the soldiers to reach the first roof.
“Now where?” Om asked.
“Follow me. Watch out for pots and washing lines. There are many! And a cat or two.”

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