Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

gold swatch— Om interrogates his wife after two assassins nearly kill him in his bedroom. —

Om began to feel incredibly tired by the time he reached his bed chamber. All he wanted to do was sleep but he had to know the whole truth about the conspiracy. Merti sat on the bed, hands covering her breasts with her forearms.
“I know it was you and Menkhaf who planned this,” Om said quietly, sitting on the end of the bed.
“What do you know!” Merti spat. “You know nothing about me really!”
“I know you have both been lovers for many years!”
Merti pouted and sounded sheepish when she replied:
“So! You have lovers. It doesn’t mean I would want you dead!”
“I might have believed you dearest. But I have been wondering why Menkhaf has been bothering me with repeated requests to make it lawful for a man to have more than one wife! I think I’ve worked out why.”
“He has one already. Perhaps he wants a second!” Merti blurted
“Menkhaf has envied me almost as long as I can remember him, certainly since the battle at the fort. He would like to be King. He also has the backing of the Merchant Guild. They don’t like taxes. I know all this. But your father is also powerful and he wouldn’t like it if his daughter was left without a husband. That’s why Menkhaf wanted the law changed! So he could marry you after I’m dead! He keeps Pamiu off his back and gets you too!”

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