Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

gold swatch— Om’s daughter wants to wear an ankh necklace but Merti won’t let her. —

Ome’s youngest daughter, Itet, had come to him and begged to wear an ‘eye necklace.’
“Mother won’t let me!” the little girl cried.
“Oh. Wait, I’ll get you one. Tell her one of the Palace Guards gave it to you.”
Anhabtna, son of the deceased Anhabtni, and now Captain of the Palace Guards, smile at the ruse. He knew that the Queen could not speak directly to the Captain of the Palace Guards so would not be able to find the culprit. He pulled off his own necklace and gave handed to Om, who placed it carefully around his daughter’s pretty neck.
“My friend told me that everyone wants to wear an eye necklace now,” Itet explained. “Because you wear one!”
“But mine’s a key!” Om insisted.
“It’s an eye!” Itet replied vehemently. “Everyone paints their eyes black to be just like you too papa.”
“Oh. Run along now or else Merti will smack my bottom!”
“No, she won’t silly! You’re the King!”
Om couldn’t resist bending over to kiss his little daughter. She puckered her lips, making her look irresistibly cute.
“Kids are so cute,” he whispered to Anhabtna, nodding his head ruefully. Anhabtna nodded, adding:
“We have to go now sire!”

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