Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

gold swatch— Mehy asks Om why the hieroglyph for ‘M’ is the vulture. —

Just one more temple.”
Mehy shook his head, adding:
“You are not a trader Om. You will never understand business.”
“But I am rich!”
“Let’s go inside. It’s too hot. At sunset, I will have to officiate at the opening ceremony. Until then, the people work and I worry.”
Om reached a point where the Palace gardens looked out over the valley of the great river. Just south of the City, barley stalks shimmered like gold as a zephyr whispered in their ears. He stared out over the fields and whispered:
“Do you know. It costs me more in gold than Menkhaf’s yearly income, just for the pressed grape juice we give to the children.”
Mehy came to rest his elbows on the wall next to the King and replied:
“I’ve started to learn to read. My father says it’s a pointless exercise. We started with the gold and silver currency bars. You invented our writing, didn’t you?”
“Sort of. Anen helped me.”
“Why the picture of a vulture for the first letter of your name?”
“Because we were watching one, up there on the crags above the Palace. She looked so noble, with the wind lifting her white feathers and ruff. She has a nest some years. Not all years. But when she does, she looks after her chicks like no other mother I have seen. When two boys tried to take her eggs from them, she flew at them again and again, even though they beat her with a stick. They confessed that they had killed her when I caught them. But she didn’t die.”

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