Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

Green swatch— While Prince Sumataniki recovers in his tent, his wife, Llanka and B’katan’s wife discuss the foolishness of men. —

Llanka began leaving her tent more regularly, and one day, she encountered B’katan’s wife. The two women pulled their panaha’s tight around their shoulders against a chill wind, the first sign of coming winter.
“It’s cold, but refreshing, to feel the wind on our faces Llanka.”
“Yes. I heard that B’katan is recovering too. I’m very happy for you.”
“He has even begun to walk, with the aid of a stick. He’s a very lucky man if a bit of a fool. I told him he’s too old now to play at soldiers. He promised not to go to war again!”
“They are like little boys, aren’t they?”
“You heard what the men are saying? They want Prince Sumataniki to claim the title of King! It’s his right! Then we can go back to Peroturnakar and kick Tuma out!”
“He won’t! I have asked him myself. He says that until Tuma has gone and Peroturnakar rebuilt, he thinks of himself as only a Prince.”
“But while both he and Tuma claim the title of Prince, there will always be war!”
“I know. Such stupidity. Like little boys!”
B’katan’s wife spoke truthfully. Every Exile wanted Sumataniki to proclaim himself King but he would not do so. Nevertheless, Llanka’s short conversation with another woman had lifted her spirits. She began to hope that the Prince would live, and sure enough, over the next few months, he began to grow stronger.

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