Today’s News in: Rip – Find the Magic Key

Green swatch— Prince Sumataniki holds the top of the hill in a great battle but Quytur is out for his blood. Only B’katan is close enough to defend his prince. —

Sumataniki raised his sword to ward off any blow from Quytur, but when he saw the black barrel of the gun, he almost lost hope. His sword seemed to waver in his hand. He closed his eyes and whispered:
“God help me now!”
B’katan seemed to see everything in slow-motion, despite the rapid gallop of his lamaca. The soldiers fighting around Quytur and Sumataniki were fighting for their lives; they didn’t see how close the titans, the Prince and General, were. B’katan yelled again, “Save the Prince!” and brandished his spear, but to no avail. He watched, horrified, as Quytur raised his gun to fire. At the last moment, B’katan made a decision. He swerved his lamaca and forced it to a desperate lunge with his heels. The poor animal leaped over several bloody corpses and landed in Quytur’s line of fire.
Quytur swore and pulled the trigger again. This time it clicked, and the barrel jerked upward. If it hadn’t, he may well have still hit Sumataniki, but B’katan’s lamaka stumbled on the bloody ground and fell forward. Quytur’s shot slammed into the beast’s neck, bringing from it one, brief bleat, before it fell to its knees and tipped B’katan into the growing pile of bodies.
“Damn you!” Quytur raged, throwing away his gun and drawing his sword. He thrust the blade through B’katan’s back, stepped over the lifeless body and strode up to the Prince with his blade raised for the first blow.

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