Today’s News from: Rip – Find the Magic Key

red swatch— Omah and Bri discuss the day’s events in his hotel room and decide that they are confused by the evidence. Omah finds it hard to resist kissing her and Bri leaves, convinced he has fallen for her at last. —

“What do we do now?” Bri asked.
“Cry? What the hell are we getting into here?” Omah replied.
“I dunno. It’s big. What does that mean? Is it useful? Or gibberish?”
“I don’t know! There are an awful lot of pieces to this puzzle! Normally I struggle to fine one! This isn’t like looking for a needle in a haystack. More like looking for haystack in a small pile of needles!”
“Well, I’m gonna need sleep. Tomorrow, we need to track down the other staff and find out what we can about how Bentwell got there. I’ll have to interview him but I doubt we’ll get much out of him. In any case, it’s gonna be a big day.”
“Okay. I better get some sleep too then.”
As Bri stood up, her hand accidentally brushed against Omah’s. The touch impelled him to accompany her to the door and when he opened, it she turned so that her face came to within inches of his own. Omah could feel the warmth of her breath and saw her lips, red with lipstick, open, revealing her white teeth. He wanted to kiss her.
“Good night Omah,” she said, breathing hard.
“Seven! Set your alarm!” he called after her.

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