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Want to earn a free eBook of new scifi release Worlds Like Dust – Part 2?

Watch the video trailer. Best comment wins free eBook!

My new book Worlds Like Dust – Part 2 – the climax of the Iron Series is out NOW!

Jake Nanden faces his biggest challenge yet, one that threatens to overwhelm him and eclipse his soul!

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Will Jake Nanden’s Soul Survive the Battle for Earth?

Well, the day has finally arrived. The final installment of the Iron Series is here!

Mystery picture
Mystery picture

Remember this? Now I can reveal the identity of the object. Below is the cover of Worlds Like Dust – Part 1. The ship with the yellow stripes in the background is the giant and formidably armed Ischian Battleship, the Lu-kshîa.

The climax of the series is called Worlds Like Dust and is published in 2 parts. The first part is published today:

Iron III - Worlds Like Dust - Part 1 cover
Iron III – Worlds Like Dust – Part 1 cover

Worlds Like Dust – Part 1 on Amazon
Worlds Like Dust – Part 1 on Smashwords
Worlds Like Dust – Part 1 Google Play

And the paperback will be available for the introductory price of $9.49 for just two weeks  on Amazon.

Worlds Like Dust – Part 2 will be published shortly.

Below is the book blurb for Part 1 and below that is the book trailer video. I hope you buy a copy and let me know how you like it!

Domes now cover Earth’s big cities and soon a force field will trap Earth inside!

The jackal-headed Ischians are here! When General Jake Nanden retired from the USAC, he could never have guessed that his greatest battle was still to come.

Since then, he has joined a spiritual cult called the Blue Path, trying to establish communication with a few peaceful Ischians.

But now his world has been torn apart; his wife and youngest son have been killed, probably his eldest too and the Los Angeles and Washington citizens sweat it out under inescapable alien domes.

His son, Stone, warned him of the invasion and he joined up with Gary Enquine to form a rudimentary resistance network.

Now, they must find a way to rise up and defeat the conquerors of Earth! Nanden must escape and unite the remaining human and clone forces, scattered across the Solar System.

But time is running out! Soon, a necklace of giant starships will encircle the Earth and enclose it within a giant, inescapable force field.

This tense, all-action sci-fi thriller never lets you pause for breath and the action could be compared with Starship Troopers or Star Wars.

But it’s not just superficial action, there is the deeper thread of Jake Nanden’s own journey as a reconstructed replicant or clone and the struggle of the last humans in a world increasingly controlled by replicants.
An intensely and beautiful Science Fiction with a twist, if you love Phillip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov or Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter, you will like this.

New Book trailer for Free scifi ebook Running (The Alien in the Mirror)

Running (The Alien in the Mirror is the FREE prequel to the Iron Series.

You can get Running (The Alien in the Mirror) FREE on Amazon:
Smashwords (DRM-Free):
It’s also available on Google Play, iTunes, Scribd, and many other book websites.

Watch this space on Friday for a BIG announcement.

I hope you like my new video. Let me know what you think.

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Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and Farage Treat Worlds Like Dust

Part 2 of my 2015 Election Wacky Races. Part 1 is here.

This week, with Ed Millipede, amazingly, one point in the lead, the four front-runners take a pit stop and take part in Question Time.

David Caravan
David Caravan

Question Time with Jonathan Dimbleby this week is from King’s College Hospital London and we are discussing the way the NHS has changed under the present Conservative Government; in particular how cuts are affecting the health of patients. We are very lucky to have with us all the current main four Party leaders.

And first I would like to go to David Caravan and ask him whether he thinks his Party’s cuts have gone too far.

David Caravan: Actually, no, I don’t think they have. While I do see, of course, that the tightening of our medical belts – or is that gastric belts, ha! ha! – might represent a challenge to the 20 million odd OAPs, who we are planning to ban from the NHS – oo sorry, George told me not to tell you that – I don’t think for most hard-working people with two legs and two arms, it is a problem. You can still cut off the head of the beast, the NHS beast, and have it function normally. In fact, that is half the problem. It is like a Cerberus. You just can’t kill it! In fact, I think there might be an argument, if the research were done and if it proved feasible, and if trials on children are successful, that we might envisage a situation where working people – patients – might actually not need their heads any more, as such. (Holds his hands up). Now, I know what you are thinking. But a simple medical procedure to painlessly remove the said thinking container would be simple, cheap and effective. There would no longer be a need to feed patients, and the Workers – sorry the hard-workers of this Country, won’t need to think anymore. Indeed, they won’t be able to. This will make Politics and Ruling the Country a whole lot simpler.

Nick Pleb
Nick Pleb

Jonathan Dimbleby: Thank you David. A controversial view, I expect. Now to Nick Clegg. Nick?

Nick Pleb: Does anybody remember Windmill in Old Amsterdam by Max Bygraves? ‘I saw a mouse. Where? There on the stair…’ Ah those were the good times… I sometimes wish we could return to the times when things were simple. When I could go to bed at night with a dry handkerchief. Lord knows, my laundry bill is an Expenses scandal. As are my wife’s therapist charges! Now, if I were a politician… Oh, I am. Damn.

Jonathan Dimbleby: Nick? Is that it? Okay, now to Ed:

Ed Millipede
Ed Millipede

Ed Millipede: Thank you Jonathan. I, too, suggest deep and sweeping reforms of the NHS. Only last week, I was visiting one of my distant relatives in Leeds Infirmary when I saw a nurse telling a male patient of mature years that he would have to pay extra for something she called a bit of ‘slap and tickle.’ Now, I’m not sure what that is exactly but when I was a wee lad on the moors of… Primrose Hill, we talked about ‘bubble and squeak’ all the time and if it’s anything like that, then I don’t see why anybody should have to pay extra. I told my wife this the other day and she nearly choked on her Brussels sprouts. Any man, or woman, of any age, who wants to vary their NHS diet shouldn’t have to pay extra for it, unless of course it’s caviar. No. And another thing, why should thermometers be calibrated in Centigrades? This is meaningless to our friends from the United States of American, Bahamas, Belize and the Cayman Islands. It’s a nonsense. No, BIG IDEAS for a BIG SHINY NEW NHS! That is what I want!

Jonathan Dimbleby: Thank you Ed. Now, lastly, but not least, over to Nigel:

Nigel Mirage
Nigel Mirage

Nigel Mirage: Thank you Jonathan. I would like to pick up on two of Ed’s points. First, he makes a very good point about Brussels Sprouts, although he does rather miss the nuance of what the patient wanted. I propose that all NHS menu’s should be swept clean of anything that smacks of Foreign Lands. I have nothing against such places, we all need them for two weeks each year, when we want to lie on beaches or walk the dusty markets of places like Cairo or Dubai. I am not against the odd bargain goatskin purse or hand-tooled ivory cigar lighter. I don’t even mind German beer, once in a while. But we should not allow anything like Brussels sprouts, Piri Piri Chicken, samosas, guacamole or bananas. The only fruit eaten in our house is Cox’s Pippin apples and Kent-grown strawberries. If I had my way, we wouldn’t even have Yorkshire Pudding. Quite apart from the fact that the pudding was probably originally French, Yorkshire is too… foreign for my liking! Good gracious me, look at all the cavorting that went on in Wuthering Heights, that book by a local heathen girl! Mind you, there were some nice wines drunk by Heathcliff, if I remember correctly… No, ban Yorkshire and probably Norfolk as well, Cut them off and let them drift away.

Jonathan Dimbleby: And what about your Huguenot ancestors, Nigel? They were French. So you are partly French.

Nigel Mirage: My wife is German. And that’s why I make her pay one third of my taxes for me. I have my own private way of punishing myself. I can’t speak about it openly but it involves very tight garters and prohibition, once per week for two hours.

Jonathan Dimbleby: Thank you all very much. And to our audience, good night!

Have you seen Metropolis – Fritz lang, 1927?

Metropolis Poster
Metropolis Poster
I watched this movie for the first time last night. Mine was the restored length of roughly 170 minutes. In case you don’t know, most of this was thought be lost until a rather badly damaged 16mm version was found in Buenos Aires in 2008.

The film is obviously showing it’s age so if you want a up-to-date sci-fi epic, try something else. But for it’s time, it has some very strong iconography; the eponymous Metropolis of endless sky-scrapers, surrounded by snaking layer upon layer of grid-locked motorways and railways; the robot-woman, Maria; the towering machines of the underworld; and the epic chiaroscuro street scenes reminiscent of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

The story is basically about the uprising of Workers, who live in a city far below Metropolis, some time in the future. The ruler of the City lost his wife, when she gave birth to his son, who has grown into an athletic star of the elite class. But the ruler has no idea that his son is about to rebel and take up the cause of the Workers. Meanwhile, a genius inventor has found a way to create androids in any likeness and the ruler wants one made to look like his long-dead wife. Or at least, that was my take. Little does he know that not only is the inventor still in love with the dead wife but that a girl called Maria is her spitting-image and the religious leader of the Workers. She ends up becoming the pawn of both these men but also the lover of the hero.

I did get very confused about some of the plot. What was the significance of the worker number, on overalls, which Joh Fredersen’s Son kept waving around? This didn’t seem to be well explained but that could just be that key scenes are missing or that the subtitles are few and far between. I didn’t understand why the Marseillaise kept cropping up. This was probably added later and not Lang’s intention.

Also, the acting of Bridgitte Helm is way over the top. I know this is a silent movie and so acting has to be largely mime, and therefore exaggerated, but she was just going too far for my liking. Gustav Fröhlich as the hero was much better and Alfred Abel, as his father and ruler of Metropolis, was good too.

I can see why Adolf Hitler adored this film. It is a big vision of what can be done with industrial might and of course how the class system might make this possible. Hitler would have loved the hymn to the rights of the worker that this film became. He even made the Jewish director, Lang, an honorary non-Jew as a reward. Lang left Germany that very night, which says a lot about what he wanted the film to portray.

There all sorts of influences detectable in this film; the aforementioned Dr. Caligari film, some of the early Boris Karloff horror movies and Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (for the crowd scenes). I loved the scene of the race track at the beginning and the way the workers move in synchronisation, as if their will had been removed as well as their dignity and they had become zombies. This and many other features play on our subconscious ideas, lending the film an intensity, even today. Feminists will probably love the fact that Maria, and not a man, is the religious head of the Workers. The android is pretty familiar too if you have watched Star Wars. No prizes for guessing where 3CPO got his features from.

All in all, well worth a watch, even today.

15% discount for foreign shoppers?

I have just returned from a two-week holiday. I had a lovely time and I see that not only is Running selling well but that Amazon have price-matched Smashwords and made it Free, which is great, so grab your copy today:

Running (The Alien in the Mirror) Free on Amazon here:

The other news is that I am very close to finishing the cover design for Iron III: Worlds Like Dust: part 1 so get ready for the climax of Jake Nanden’s adventures!

15% off for Tourists Billboard in Mauritian shopping mall
15% off for Tourists Billboard in Mauritian shopping mall
Finally, a friend sent me this photo of a sign in a Mauritius shopping mall which beggars belief. Seems that, in that gorgeous country, local people have to pay more for goods than tourists. What blatant discrimination! What sort of way is that to treat your own citizens?