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Tales of Lazlo Ferran, Freelance Editor. What are yours?

Some people have asked me to write about my editing experiences so here goes:

I haven’t edited a book for another writer since Amit Bobrov’s The Journals of Raymond Brooks. Editing is a marketplace starved of money but I am determined to find more work to fund my writing.

Consequently, a few days ago I joined an editing group on LinkedIn and posted a link to my editing page and asked for feedback. It was a baptism of fire! I must say that editors are a tough bunch! They didn’t hold back and told me the page was too chatty and unprofessional. If you are looking for an editor, I think you will approve of the new page. I have reduced my rates somewhat because of the tough market conditions at the moment. However, even these prices are only a guide; I am open to negotiation. So if you are looking for an editor for your new book, please contact me.

Some updates comes roughly under the heading of editing:
I am in the final edit for two books now; Escher’s Staircase (provisional title) and World Like Dust. Some of you may be interested to discover that I have completed a first draft of Ordo Lupus III (the title will remain a secret for now) but I have no planned publishing window for that as yet.

I have found that the more books I have published, the more work I have to do to maintain them and market my books. Consequently, I am way behind my schedule for releasing Worlds like Dust and Escher’s Staircase. You may think:
“Poor excuse; he’s just being lazy.”
I assure you, I am not! I am working hard to bring you these new books and to make sure they are as good as I can make them.

I have completely re-edited The Man Who Recreated Himself because it was looking very tired. There is even a new scene in it but most of the changes are just grammar and copy editing.

I have re-edited Ordo Lupus II, making only minor grammar changes.

I have completely re-edited Iron II: Unknown Place, Unknown Universe so this is actually a third edition and very different to the second. There are different chapter titles, 15000 less words and many of the alien scenes have been transposed to different parts of the book to skew the perspective slightly more towards their view of the Universe. If you were to read the new version, I think you would approve. I will also be redesigning the cover in the next few weeks and I hope you like the change.

On the subject of covers, I will probably change the covers for the following books; The Man Who Recreated Himself, Infinite Blue Heaven and the Short Stories Series to make the look of all my books more homogeneous.

I also had my first request for an autograph, using authorgraph, which was exciting.

As for anecdotes about editing, I have a few:

1. My favourite typos I have found (of my own) have been:
A group of people that were ‘leaning’ instead of ‘learning.’
‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep?’
‘I tied up both men using duct tape and drover the van to a nearby track.’

2. I occasionally find unintentional puns which are very funny. Here is a classic. In Too Bright the Sun, there is a character called Ish (short for Ichmael) and Jake says to him sadly:
“They’re dead Ish.”

3. Occasionally the eccentricities of software baffle even me. Today, I submitted a pdf for Iron II to the distributor website, believing it to be correct. I just happened to glance through the pdf at the last moment to check that the most critical thing, the chapter headings, were in the right place and guess what? One of them wasn’t. Since I have switched from Mac to Windows, I have never had a case where a pdf doesn’t exactly reflect the word document. But this time, it didn’t. I checked again and the culprit was a set of asterisks which, for some inexplicable reason, were jumping down to the next page in the pdf. I tried several times to fix if, first by reducing the space after, then by shortening some previous sentences to shorten the previous page. It took me an hour to get it right! Just lucky I spotted it, I guess, but what a pain!

That is all my editing tales for now. All in all, I am very busy and I sometimes wonder where I will find time to write my next book!

If you are looking for an editor for your novel, please visit my Writing and Editing Services page.

If you are an editor and have some good stories, please do drop a comment in below.

B-17G Sally B at Duxford Air Show

B-17G Sally B at Duxford Air Show

The nose of B-17 Sally B
The nose of B-17 Sally B

I went to the annual Duxford Air Show yesterday. What a day! I have never been before and I thoroughly relished seeing so many old aircraft in one place. I have never before seen an SR-71 Blackbird, B-29 Superfortress, B-52 Stratofortress, Avro York, TSR2 or Handley Page Hastings. I also walked through all the old air-liners: The Viscount, Trident and the DeHavilland Comet. I actually remember traveling to the Canary Islands in about 1973 with Dan Air on a Comet. It was a case of shake, rattle and roll and very noisy! I wondered if it had been the same aircraft because the Duxford Comet was retired in 1973. But its log showed that, for the last few years, it flew between London and Alicante. I managed to get my ticket clicked for every single air-liner.

Click on any photograph to expand.

Sally B flying
Sally B flying

On the program for the day, I noticed that an ex Blackbird pilot, Colonel Richard Graham, would be giving guided tours around the SR-71 Blackbird. I turned up on time and even go his autograph on my ticket. Did you know that pilots had to stay in the cockpit of the SR-71 for 30 minutes after landing because it was too hot to exit?

Canadian and RAF Avro Lancasters in formation
Canadian and RAF Avro Lancasters in formation

Of course, the highlight for most visitors would have been the two Lancasters, flying together. There are only two Avro Lancasters still flying, the RAF Battle of Britain Commemoration Flight example and a Canadian one in private hands. The British one is still commissioned and flown by the RAF. There is never any chance of getting near it but apparently you can fly on the Canadian one if you have a spare $2500!

View aft, past Sally B's tailwheel
View aft, past Sally B’s tailwheel

I took pictures of both Lancasters. They sounded great. A pair of Lancasters, flying together, hasn’t been seen since the shooting of the Dam Busters in the late 1950s and it will probably never be seen again. The RAF Lancaster is due for major refurbishment, which will take years, and, with Insurance regulations tightening up for these old aircraft and costs escalating, its doubtful that the Canadian Lancaster will ever fly here again.

I expected the two Lancasters to be the highlight of my show too but I was wrong! On my way to get fish and chips for lunch, I saw a stall marked ‘Sally B.’ I heard a rumour earlier that one could get inside her very cheaply that day but I didn’t believe it; access to these bombers is very restricted and getting inside a grounded Lancaster in the UK will set you back upwards of £200.

View aft, showing control cables. Before fly-by-wire!
View aft, showing control cables. Before fly-by-wire!

I hopefully asked how much the day membership cost and whether it would get me inside the Sally B and the lady said:
I swallowed and asked:
“How much?”
I could hardly believe it!
The lady told me to queue up at 3.45 because the bomber was just about to display and would need cleaning afterwards. I bought my ticket and watched the display. At 3.45, I walked to the old bomber but there was no queue! A man in a flight suit was attempting to put a very oily rag in a bin and failing.

The Port Waist Gun .50 Calibre
The Port Waist Gun .50 Calibre

I asked him where I should queue and he said:
“Do you have a pass?”
I nodded.
“Come right in then!” He introduced me to the other queue an took me to the entrance hatch near the tail! I couldn’t believe my luck. I scrambled in and took the photographs you see here. Unfortunately, my camera is not great so I apologise for the quality of the photographs.

Did you know that the floors of the B-17s were wooden?

View Forward, through bomb bay  to cockpit
View Forward, through bomb bay to cockpit

You will also notice from the photograph that the waist gun has no trigger. Apparently they fell off years ago!

The top gun turret is incomplete; its just a shell without guns or any turning mechanism because its so close behind the crew seats that the mechanism would hinder access.

The cockpit is quite small, car-sized, but neatly arranged and with good visability.

As you will have noticed by now, Sally B is painted to represent Memphis Belle and, in fact, she played the veteran bomber (now in USA) for the 90s film of the same name. However, Sally B is a B-17G and Memphis Belle a B-17F. You can distinguish the B-17G by its chin gun turret, under the nose. This was removed from Sally B for the film but has now been replaced.

Pilot Station
Pilot Station

Lastly, I asked my guide when he would managed to get in the ball turret (it’s notoriously tiny). He said:
“Hopefully never!”
“It’s been sealed up!”

Radio Operator's View, towards tail
Radio Operator’s View, towards tail

I later found out the my guide’s name; Dominic Ivaldi. He told me he was a photographer so I will have to look up his photos. I took a photograph of him in front of Sally B, when I climbed out. Thanks a lot Dominic for showing me around. I really enjoyed it!

Oh and I also got the signature of Dominic and a flight-crew member on my ticket too!

Dominic Ivaldi in front of Sally B
Dominic Ivaldi in front of Sally B

If you liked this post on Sally B, you might like my more recent post about the whole Duxford Air Show.

SA_CoverKindlepreviewsmallIf you are interested in aircraft, you might like one of my Wartime aviation novels.

Screaming Angels explores the causes of the MiG-15s superiority at the beginning of the Korean War and includes a chapter about the De Havilland Mosquito.

Attack Hitler’s Bunker! is about a raid using composite Hawker Hurricane and Short Stirling aircraft in a daring raid on Hitler’s Bunker in Berlin.

December Radio is about secret German technology during WW2 and features detail on Eugen Sanger’s Orbital Bomber, sometimes called the Amerika Bomber, which could skip along the Earth’s atmosphere to reach New York and reach Japan, making it the forerunner of the American Space Shuttle.

Explore these books under the main menu item Wartime (Aviation) Series.

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Lazlo Ferran Autographs for your eBook?

Autographs for your eBook

You want an autograph for your eBook? No problemo!
I am delighted to tell you that you can now get my autograph to add to your eBook and, if you email me nicely, I will send you a personal message too. It will be my real signature and handwriting! Isn’t that cool?

It’s all thanks to those lovely people at Authorgraph. If you want a signed eBook, just click on the image below or the one which will always be near the top of the right hand column from now on.

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