Best Drunk in a Film

It occurred to me the other day to do another vote – this time on the best drunk in a film. There must be loads but the funny thing is that I can’t remember too many off the top of my head. So suggestions please to add to my short list:

1. Walter Matthau in Earthquake (this is also definitely my funniest)
2. Lee Marvin in Paint Your Wagons
3. Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou (I’m still going to check out Paul Newman in The Sting though)
4. Paul Newman in The Hudsucker Proxy
5. Shelley Winters in Alfie
6. Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now (thanks for suggestion El’Phantasmo)
7. I forgot Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas
8. Embarrassing one this but Oliver Reed in Oliver! Okay, okay I know the film is a bit of old hokey’ but he really is very menacing – and he was Carol Reed’s nephew.
9. Okay – the butler in Dinner for One, although I am not sure I have seen this. I will look on youtube
10. Cary Grant in North by North West. Actually this is pretty good too.

I could add George Peppard in The Blue Max and indeed the book is about alcoholism but this is barely touched upon in the film.

Okay I think ten is enough. This time we will leave it 6 months before a final vote in case others come up and so that we have a chance to see some of the nominations we haven’t yet seen.


12 thoughts on “Best Drunk in a Film

  1. Well, he's definitely not a drunk in The Sting.Can anyone remember the movie where Lee Marvin is a hired gunslinger, but when he arrives in town he falls out the carriage because he's drunk?


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